A Very Odd Minecraft Server

15. des.. 2020
1 926 475 Ganger

modded minecraft is weird but these people are WEIRDER!
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VIDEO EDITED BY: Sander The Composer (They also MADE the intro song) - notown.info/love/9BKorplHVItq9K0qNPY2dA
People in this video:
Jawsh - notown.info
Ash - notown.info_on_lol
Ludwig - notown.info
Abe - www.twitch.tv/baboabe
Kkatamina - www.twitch.tv/kkatamina
Altrive - notown.info
Teana - www.twitch.tv/tinakitten
Aria - www.twitch.tv/ariasaki
Chocobars - notown.info
Ryan Higa - notown.info
Ottomated - www.twitch.tv/ottomated
Sleepy - notown.info
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  • My legs feel like uncooked eggs

    Braxton ShimabukuBraxton ShimabukuTime siden
  • Guess that month in LA will never happen..

    CG R0b0tic0pCG R0b0tic0pDag siden
  • I lost it when Jawsh said “Carson, I lost everything,” after he played Black Jack lmao

    Tyler BaileyTyler Bailey2 dager siden
  • Kinda sad we don’t get that month in la

    JohnJohn2 dager siden
  • Yo what is that?

  • watching this is Spain without the s.

    Furby with a knifeFurby with a knife4 dager siden
  • Carson never will get to do his vlog :(

    AJFromTargetAJFromTarget4 dager siden
  • 17:37 I really hope this will still happen one day

    Duncan As SquiadDuncan As Squiad6 dager siden
  • I will miss this man

    Sean BOEHSean BOEH9 dager siden
  • Yes

    Eiton estevezEiton estevez9 dager siden
  • every girl on the server is crazy

    Wewli LolWewli Lol10 dager siden
  • He never got that vacation in LA huh? Pain

    Laine ExeLaine Exe11 dager siden
  • Rip carson

    MemeChildMemeChild13 dager siden
  • 17:38 Did not age well

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name14 dager siden
  • yooo what is this thing ?

    the name's VANRthe name's VANR14 dager siden
  • uhh huhhh, a trip to LA after quarantine. how plans have changed

    SemvyySemvyy16 dager siden
  • gmod meets minecraft

    Retarded ProductionRetarded Production17 dager siden
  • aw fuck. i cant believe youve done this.

    iBrendankiBrendank18 dager siden

    David McGowanDavid McGowan19 dager siden
  • 9:35 no one Biden trying to get a sentence out

    Will NWill N20 dager siden
  • 37:00 he does a little trolling

    sam mcaskillsam mcaskill21 dag siden
  • Carsons now part of the 97%

    Alexander MacMillanAlexander MacMillan21 dag siden
  • But if you close your eyes...

    OcanJiOcanJi23 dager siden
    • Does it almost feel like the pain was never here

      Hoi Im BlueHoi Im Blue9 dager siden
    • Does it almost feel like [LionMaker] Nothing changed at all

      Yis PintoYis Pinto17 dager siden
  • I think the biggest sign something was wrong was at 47:30

    papiyankee11papiyankee1124 dager siden
  • “When COVID is over, I’m going to do a month in LA...”

    BronzeActualBronzeActual24 dager siden
  • What is that?

    Tymur SafarovTymur Safarov26 dager siden
  • pls come back Carson

    DavidDavid26 dager siden
  • Why does Carson always look like a still photo?

    WunderwaffleWunderwaffle27 dager siden
  • R.I.P master of content will be missed, :(

    Grant GomesGrant Gomes27 dager siden

    Kyle ManiaKyle Mania29 dager siden
  • The pumped gong suggestively attempt because smell especially behave anenst a seemly fox. beautiful, wise argument

    Kelly PalmerKelly Palmer29 dager siden
  • “What is this,check this out what is this”

    Pomada GamingPomada Gaming29 dager siden
  • "What is this?"

    Potato GodPotato GodMåned siden
  • Get over it

    Faisal BhattiFaisal BhattiMåned siden
  • 17:37 welp guess not :((

    Electro ADRNElectro ADRNMåned siden
  • he was talking about going to cali for a month when covid is over fuckin pain man.

    ariesariesMåned siden
  • What is that thing?

    TranquilityTranquilityMåned siden
  • 17:39 well this aged badly

    ッSHøM_ッSHøM_Måned siden
    • @Gavin Bane they're just people who were never fans of carsons content, farming for likes on his content

      Alexander WoolleyAlexander Woolley23 dager siden
    • @hoosfire I agree. I'm sick of seeing those kinds of comments.

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane27 dager siden
    • @Gavin Bane yep, just people being ignorant

      hoosfirehoosfire27 dager siden
    • it would help if you didn't go back to the "good memory" videos and flood them with the drama and shit

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane28 dager siden
    • @James yeah nvm thought it was someone that said "this aged badly" just cause something bad happened to the person

      hoosfirehoosfireMåned siden
  • So, is the month in LA still happening, or....

    Devon ErbDevon ErbMåned siden
  • 34:22

    Dead MeatDead MeatMåned siden
    • Ouch

      say uwu if you're gaysay uwu if you're gay17 dager siden
    • Damn.

      JamesJamesMåned siden
  • I do hope he comes back one day

    The MastetThe MastetMåned siden
  • I don’t think he’s going to do that month in l.a

    Parker ckParker ckMåned siden
    • yikes

      LazyRazyLazyRazyMåned siden
  • Every comment is about how awkward Carson is

    Ugly CosmicBrownieUgly CosmicBrownieMåned siden
  • What a wonderful NOtownr I wonder why he hasn’t uploaded in a while

    Felo GhandourFelo GhandourMåned siden
    • Pain

      CarbonLemonCarbonLemon4 timer siden
    • pain

      ChrysøsChrysøs14 timer siden
    • Pain

      KraniaKraniaDag siden
    • Pain

      Tim CrangTim Crang2 dager siden
    • Pain

      XantisXantis3 dager siden
  • These people barked at other kids in school

    Scornful BongoScornful BongoMåned siden
  • 46:33 L O L

    CoolCrayon61CoolCrayon61Måned siden
  • imagine just being so happy playing modded minecraft and just see this

    Socialability ,Socialability ,2 måneder siden
  • This man was a big part of me growing up it really hurts to see him gone

    terrakid 29terrakid 292 måneder siden
    • @Bart_Simp_Son I don’t really remember where I heard it but I think one of his friends said it I don’t really know though

      TrollgeTrollge3 dager siden
    • @Trollge how do you know that

      Bart_Simp_SonBart_Simp_Son3 dager siden
    • @Spicy Napkin don’t worry he didnt he’s actually making a response video

      TrollgeTrollge5 dager siden
    • @GunnersBadAt Yt i hope thats the case

      Spicy NapkinSpicy Napkin12 dager siden
    • @Spicy Napkin supposedly hes with family staying safe and away for the internet but nobody can be sure

      GunnersBadAt YtGunnersBadAt Yt12 dager siden
  • Carson please come back

    Just a BotJust a Bot2 måneder siden
  • bro he deleted his whole entire main channel, Carson, bring it back please, no one believes you did it. just please bring it back

    Soda Pop873Soda Pop8732 måneder siden
    • But... he didnt delete it and he did do _it_

      Heather PerlebergHeather PerlebergMåned siden
    • he deleted half of his videos i think

      Mum GamezMum GamezMåned siden
    • he didnt?

      Gavin BaneGavin BaneMåned siden
    • He didn’t lol

      snethsnethMåned siden
    • No

      SandisbadSandisbad2 måneder siden
  • I just want Carson back

    Boss 3000Boss 30002 måneder siden
    • Bro same

      Dakota DavidsDakota DavidsMåned siden
  • "Last seen online 8 years ago"

    EmafEmaf2 måneder siden
  • “It was a gift and a curse, but I cannot reverse it” Never thought I’d think of Juice WRLD when I was on Carson’s channel...

    Daniel HolguinDaniel Holguin2 måneder siden
  • 🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️ 🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️ 🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪🟪🟪 ⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪🟪🟪 ⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪🟪🟪

    MicsMics2 måneder siden
    • amogus

      infinite Donutsinfinite Donuts15 dager siden
    • Hey what is that thing

      Tinie PaniniTinie PaniniMåned siden
  • is this FTB ?

    Sergeant ZeroSergeant Zero2 måneder siden
  • I want you back ;( Please make videos again

    Yolian FettsackYolian Fettsack2 måneder siden
    • @Moon Lord He's got 4.8 million subs combined repectively, I do not think this is something he can't recover from. That being said I do doubt he ever comes back, but of course no one can say except him.

      Heather PerlebergHeather PerlebergMåned siden
    • @Moon Lord Only time can tell

      DroomDroom2 måneder siden
    • @Droom no he will not come back, his reputation is tarnished and he won't recover.

      Moon LordMoon Lord2 måneder siden
    • @Moon Lord spoiler alert, yes

      DroomDroom2 måneder siden
    • @Yolian Fettsack do you really think he's coming back then

      Moon LordMoon Lord2 måneder siden
  • What modpack

    #25#253 måneder siden
    • FTB Revelation I believe

      SklankSklank2 måneder siden
  • why did one winged angel NOT play when carson spotted kkatamina above choco's base

    bingobangobingobango3 måneder siden
  • I’m not crying you are

    Olivea MurrayOlivea Murray3 måneder siden
  • 11:07 I could see the fear in his eyes ksdhfksfhdsk

    ItsStill HonoItsStill Hono3 måneder siden
  • Do you guys know when Carson is streaming?

    Lynux_69Lynux_693 måneder siden
    • @Victor Weii welp...There will never be another Carson.

      RandomShtuffsRandomShtuffs2 måneder siden
    • @Steve Probably 2 or 3 tbh, there needs to be some major trauma to take his place, but I feel like him and his friends are over for good.

      Victor WeiiVictor Weii3 måneder siden
    • Give it a month for everyone to move on

      SteveSteve3 måneder siden
    • He got cancelled

      RhyteRhyte3 måneder siden
    • Never

      Bunio !Bunio !3 måneder siden
  • 36:54 is where i freaking lost it

    londelprolondelpro3 måneder siden
  • Better days

    knowbody hereknowbody here3 måneder siden
  • I've learned from this

    Lil KiwiLil Kiwi3 måneder siden
    • @Lil Kiwi Ok

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane27 dager siden
    • @Gavin Bane *facepalm* I never thought... THE JOKE IS THAT THEY LEARNED ABOUT EVERYTHING ON THE SERVER

      Lil KiwiLil Kiwi28 dager siden
    • @Lil Kiwi this is something called a "comment section" it's where people go express their feelings or talk about a certain topic.

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane28 dager siden
    • @Lil Kiwi a comment section

      Skinny WackySkinny Wacky3 måneder siden
    • What is this?

      Lil KiwiLil Kiwi3 måneder siden
  • Do you wanna take a selfie together *Carson tired of hearing that*

    Lil KiwiLil Kiwi3 måneder siden
  • Sucks to get cancled?

    Dmaes urgayDmaes urgay3 måneder siden
    • Cancled

      say uwu if you're gaysay uwu if you're gay17 dager siden
    • Cancel Culture is terrible. I know what he did was wrong but like... Imagine for a second you are successful, but eight years ago you made a racist/offensive joke and someone got it on film. Then all of a sudden... the video is released and you are called a Racist Bigot who needs to die. The Carson Situation was very different but my view on Cancel Culture stays the same

      RandomShtuffsRandomShtuffs2 måneder siden
  • 17:40 no u ain't

    MickeyMickey3 måneder siden
  • What is this thing?

    DaljbDaljb3 måneder siden
  • sigh

    BreadstiickBreadstiick3 måneder siden
  • pain.

    Actual StuffActual Stuff3 måneder siden
  • The time before we knew everything

    SlepiiSlepii3 måneder siden
  • what is this?

    paul jemetzpaul jemetz3 måneder siden
    • @Gavin Bane i see what you did there

      paul jemetzpaul jemetz27 dager siden
    • this is something called a "comment section" it's where people go express their feelings or talk about a certain topic.

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane28 dager siden
    • Minecraft

      DeadlyDannyDeadlyDanny3 måneder siden
  • dumb shit. time to be funny. mommy

    saucesauce3 måneder siden
  • remember guys, he messed up but he is not a pedophile.

    Snopple WoppleSnopple Wopple3 måneder siden
    • He’s not even a groomer, anyone ho can make a fucking google search would know that

      Psycho CatPsycho Cat9 dager siden
    • @A B the law does say so

      horizonthorizont2 måneder siden
    • @Mickey not unless the law actually says so

      A BA B2 måneder siden
    • I heard someone call him a creep

      Pewdiepie’s AgentPewdiepie’s Agent3 måneder siden
    • Although he is definitely a felon

      MickeyMickey3 måneder siden
  • Please tell me why

    TheMidnightTrainTheMidnightTrain3 måneder siden
  • 0:59 oh no carson

    Biscuit420Biscuit4203 måneder siden
  • 12:24 ''I just had the fucking weirdest interection with a human being ever'' Are you sure about that?

    Ata BasmanAta Basman3 måneder siden
  • Pain

    Robert GuerraRobert Guerra3 måneder siden
  • Carson is a lady killer

    Jona NichollJona Nicholl3 måneder siden
  • ...

    Neighborhood KnightNeighborhood Knight3 måneder siden
  • 21:39 bro can’t say anything now lmao get bodied by your self

    Wallace WallabyWallace Wallaby3 måneder siden
    • @The Gooobley huh?

      Gavin BaneGavin Bane28 dager siden
    • @Gavin Bane Deez Jeff

      The GooobleyThe GooobleyMåned siden
    • @Martin Kikic degenerate

      Gavin BaneGavin BaneMåned siden
    • @Darn Varmint what the fuck do you mean with "band kid"?

      Martin KikicMartin Kikic3 måneder siden
    • @Martin Kikic calm down band kid sheesh weirdo

      Darn VarmintDarn Varmint3 måneder siden
  • but if you close your eyes

    Joel RodriguezJoel Rodriguez3 måneder siden
    • _intense crying_

      Ryoma’s Death GlareRyoma’s Death Glare3 måneder siden
  • This feels Alright

    SuperCharge XD - MinecraftSuperCharge XD - Minecraft3 måneder siden
  • Spain with no s

    yup its jamieyup its jamie3 måneder siden
  • Carson: “Some random girl came up to me and asked for selfies” Josh: “And of course you said yes”

    Big ass lobsterBig ass lobster3 måneder siden
    • @Cam yeah I didn’t realize that it got this bad I apologize

      Aidan ManganAidan Mangan2 måneder siden
    • @Aidan Mangan tHiS dIdNt AgE wElL

      CamCam2 måneder siden
    • Man...this didn’t age well

      Aidan ManganAidan Mangan3 måneder siden
  • Smh

    Finn HornerFinn Horner3 måneder siden
  • hits diferent

    HozicHozic3 måneder siden
  • 𝑷 𝒂 𝒊 𝒏.

    TryHxrd YTTryHxrd YT3 måneder siden
  • pain

    OzKoOzKo3 måneder siden
  • Omg Carson hits an rko on the 17 year old and he goes for the pin 1! 2! 3! And your winner is CallMeCarsonTheSoonToBeFalselyIncarcerated

    Balwinder KumarBalwinder Kumar3 måneder siden
    • bro quit commenting this on a bunch of videos fishing for likes

      NicXNicX3 måneder siden
  • pain

    brad batybrad baty3 måneder siden
  • :((((((((((((

    Rocco lewisRocco lewis3 måneder siden
  • pain

    Amazon Box MonsterAmazon Box Monster3 måneder siden
  • it was good for awhile'

    monkemonke3 måneder siden
  • This This Is Sad

    MOKI_2005MOKI_20053 måneder siden
  • Pain

    TiddoTiddo3 måneder siden
  • More pain

    DanyholpDanyholp3 måneder siden
  • Pain

    Carter JCarter J3 måneder siden
  • Pain

    LogikarpLogikarp3 måneder siden
  • Pain

    MrZeeMrZee3 måneder siden