Another Funny GTA 5 Video

7. des.. 2020
1 537 946 Ganger

The Chaotic Trio returns to Los Santos
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Another Funny GTA 5 Video

  • Miss you homie.

    SoapSoap2 dager siden
  • "There's nothing wrong with being gay" Carson says as he drinks Chick-fil-a

    TDashLIVETDashLIVE2 dager siden
  • Still funny

    GlitchyGlitchy4 dager siden
  • 0:26 this joke finally makes sense and only people in 2021 will find it funny.

    CrazyWSCrazyWS7 dager siden
  • It caught on

  • Hard to believe this guys a criminal.... Oh wait he's not

    ok this is epicok this is epic10 dager siden
  • 15:59 as Eminem once said “you just pulled a pistol on a guy with a missile launcher “

    Nasty ZNasty Z12 dager siden
  • 19:48 ironic

    LiL SideBurnsLiL SideBurns13 dager siden
  • 27:45 the sound it makes when zippy starts

    Joe SkagenJoe Skagen13 dager siden
  • This is a prime time for the funny. Good video and I hope you come back with a response :)

    Callum SykesCallum Sykes14 dager siden
  • what was the name of the rusty car they were driving at the start???

    Computer lifeComputer life18 dager siden
    • *_zippy_*

      mr trashmammalmr trashmammal17 dager siden
  • Man I miss the days of having a Carson stream to look forward to.

    joefunstuffjoefunstuff20 dager siden
  • 23:40 It is carson that is blocking the Suez canal.

    Miles AlbertMiles Albert23 dager siden
    • I was thinking the same thing 😂

      Caden AdamsCaden Adams16 dager siden
  • 22:35 March 2021, The “Suez Canal Boat Stuck” Incident

    TheDarkOne GamingTheDarkOne Gaming23 dager siden
  • Does anyone know where to get zippy? Yes im asking months later cuz im rewatching his vids:(

    Kam1noKam1no26 dager siden
    • assume either los santos customs or the country boys one on your phone man I miss him

      mr trashmammalmr trashmammal17 dager siden
  • 27:43 the way Carson hits Jawsh and how he covers his face right after gets me going

    Cheesy MilkCheesy MilkMåned siden
  • Where can I buy zippy in the game

    bigcrankbigcrankMåned siden
  • jawsh really jus went: *my immortale*

    NetN0madNetN0madMåned siden
  • Man, i miss the old days.

    Sub AlterSub AlterMåned siden
    • lol its one the 13 year old acting edgy and sad bc they think its relatable huh

      techwrecktechwreck8 dager siden
    • @Munksterrr \o sotru

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista22 dager siden
    • dude this was fucking 3 months ago calm down

      Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o23 dager siden
  • 😔

    ricricMåned siden
  • He died before he hit the water lol

    AirCanada 0.1AirCanada 0.1Måned siden
  • I’m gonna miss this funny bitch.

    Jericho YaginJericho YaginMåned siden
  • Pain.

    TimTimMåned siden
  • 20:44

    ʻO Otto CosentinoʻO Otto CosentinoMåned siden
  • OCEAN?

    ͦ23 Hours, 59 Seconds, 59 Seconds ͦͦ23 Hours, 59 Seconds, 59 Seconds ͦMåned siden
  • I like how in the bit where they are throwing the cars down the hill the only thing audible is “serving alcohol to kids” and “grenades”

    KCRamblerKCRamblerMåned siden
  • Damn I'll always stay subbed to you

    8BitGdHaxz8BitGdHaxzMåned siden
  • i miss you

    Quail TrailQuail TrailMåned siden
  • 17:13 it’s funny how they don’t know that spike strips excite in the game

    ZER0 MILESZER0 MILESMåned siden
  • Good car

    РУССКИЙРУССКИЙ2 måneder siden
  • everything must come to an end :/

    MarioFantastic827MarioFantastic8272 måneder siden
  • Rip hope you come back soon

    Wavez SZNWavez SZN2 måneder siden
  • bikey is short for what?

    WryDayWryDay2 måneder siden
    • Bichael

      CavemanCavemanMåned siden
    • Bike sickle

      Wavez SZNWavez SZN2 måneder siden
  • This was one of my all time favorite youtube videos... :(

    DanDan2 måneder siden
  • Josh's uber driver bit remains one of his greatest works to this day

    GeorgeGeorge2 måneder siden
    • Shut up

      TVV GarbatgameTVV GarbatgameDag siden
  • 10:03 did no one notice that trick shot?

    Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson2 måneder siden
    • no

      ZouiZoui2 måneder siden
  • wow i hate this

    Caiden PapeCaiden Pape2 måneder siden
    • Oh my god cool

      CavemanCavemanMåned siden
  • youtube get this off my recommendation

    isabellaisabella2 måneder siden
    • NOtown doesn't care about wtf you like, you're just a number to them...

      Shadow ViperShadow ViperMåned siden
    • Commenting says you like it

      FatSushiRolls :DFatSushiRolls :DMåned siden
    • wdym this videos a banger

      ZafelredeZafelrede2 måneder siden
  • 16:33 The badass on his phone

    Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
    • 17:48 Its the guy....

      Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
  • I didn’t even get to finish this video before the controversy bruh

    dumb kid loldumb kid lol2 måneder siden
    • O

      Dylan James PernasDylan James Pernas2 måneder siden
  • This is my stop....... 2:53

    Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
    • 14:45 This is my stop.....Thats gonna be another $7.50 for the door.

      Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
    • it was his stop.... 5:19

      Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
    • This is my stop. Oh yeah? 4:40

      Poppy Toad911Poppy Toad9112 måneder siden
  • 24:53 made me cry of laughter 😂😂😂😂

    BruhBruh2 måneder siden
  • That "back in my day" skit was genius

    ricerunekoffricerunekoff2 måneder siden
  • It's so surreal to watch them having fun together with everything that's happened

    rexyuwu personalrexyuwu personal3 måneder siden
  • nice

    Mexican WeebMexican Weeb3 måneder siden
  • Pain

    L3gi0n 4464L3gi0n 44643 måneder siden
  • Is anything bad going to happen if he uploads again?

    Xander CoyleXander Coyle3 måneder siden
    • @Chase McDaniel I just hope he's okay

      VibrantDevilVibrantDevil2 måneder siden
    • @VibrantDevil Oh yeah... that’s what I was thinking of. I just hope he doesn’t pull a MiniLadd with the apology and take three months to get it out

      Chase McDanielChase McDaniel2 måneder siden
    • @Chase McDaniel he didn't he did it as a joke a donation told him to do a fake apology

      VibrantDevilVibrantDevil2 måneder siden
    • @Papa John It was a long time ago before the controversy started. Not many people knew what he was talking about but he apologized on stream. I can’t get the exact VOD or video but I can confirm he apologized. Like a lot

      Chase McDanielChase McDaniel2 måneder siden
    • @Chase McDaniel What? When? Link?

      Papa JohnPapa John2 måneder siden
  • Damn these videos where the best and its sad that we won't see anymore of these videos

    Drift beastDrift beast3 måneder siden
    • We might, just not with Jawsh, which are the highlights of the videos. edit: Actually, maybe, Jawsh only said he was disappointed on Twitter, never said he'd leave Carson.

      Papa JohnPapa John2 måneder siden
    • yeah

      mpogmpog3 måneder siden
  • Zippy is my ps4 name so i was a bit surprised carson said it

    Chocolate_ ZippyChocolate_ Zippy3 måneder siden
    • Enjoy life while you still can never give up

      Magne HansenMagne Hansen3 måneder siden
  • #zippy

    WST_ brockWST_ brock3 måneder siden
  • Looks like he didn't need to simulate being a criminal

    Zach GedmanZach Gedman3 måneder siden
    • @Phil der komische typ being groomed

      Darth LynxDarth Lynx2 måneder siden
    • @Darth Lynx A victim of what.

      Phil der komische typPhil der komische typ2 måneder siden
    • @Phil der komische typ What? She is a victim.

      Darth LynxDarth Lynx2 måneder siden
    • @Phil der komische typ who?

      Zach GedmanZach Gedman3 måneder siden
    • If he is one then that means Sam is also one

      Phil der komische typPhil der komische typ3 måneder siden
  • I remember when Carson streamed this GTA V video, and distinctly thought something being off. Jawsh was essentially muted the entire stream except the beginning and end. After watching Jawsh’s stream, it was clear that Carson was telling Jawsh to shut up and not try so hard, which might ruin his stream. It was out of character at the time, and it was weird and uncomfortable to watch. Carson was clearly trying to control what he was saying, and it made me wonder if he did that with his other friends

    Haunter SwagHaunter Swag3 måneder siden
    • @Papa John “Don’t add wood to the bonfire” papa john quote. I will say that when people argue.

      Jericho YaginJericho YaginMåned siden
    • Pretty sure those were jokes. Don't add wood to the bonfire, it's pointless.

      Papa JohnPapa John2 måneder siden
    • Well, Jawsh did “joke” that Carson was “sabotaging” his stream by making it very “unfunny.

      AxWielder SprigzAxWielder Sprigz3 måneder siden
  • 27:24 the roleplay server we would’ve all loved to see, but will never get too, later brother 🙁

    MIKEYBOYZ 360MIKEYBOYZ 3603 måneder siden
  • 14:03 🦆

    ATL4S_RLATL4S_RL3 måneder siden
  • Carson might be a diddler, might not. In the end I don't really care

    Ethan UptonEthan Upton3 måneder siden
    • @Ethan Upton based

      Delfigalo _Delfigalo _2 måneder siden
    • @1999MONKEYDONIJA PATRIOT велес How? Its not my life

      Ethan UptonEthan Upton3 måneder siden
    • That’s weird buddy

      1999MONKEYDONIJA PATRIOT велес1999MONKEYDONIJA PATRIOT велес3 måneder siden
  • You know whats sad about this video? This may be the last gtv 5 video with jawsh :(

    qasqer1004qasqer10043 måneder siden
    • true. also that carson is a danger to himself for something that has been blown WAY out of proportion by snowflakes

      Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morrisMåned siden
  • I like how people say this didn't age well even though most videos of his aren't in context of what he did.

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson3 måneder siden
  • Please tell me why

    TheMidnightTrainTheMidnightTrain3 måneder siden
  • tearz

    targoottargoot3 måneder siden
  • Darn

    ShringoAnimatesShringoAnimates3 måneder siden
  • People in chat were talking about how random people not in the session were adding them, Carsons twitch viewers are getting out of hand guys...

    【コ ス モ ス】【コ ス モ ス】3 måneder siden
  • pain

    113 måneder siden
  • you were supposed bring balance to my sadness, not leave it in darkness

    That Trash TreeThat Trash Tree3 måneder siden
  • Now they'll never play on that role play server..

    Brendan WilsonBrendan Wilson3 måneder siden
    • Noooooooo

      DoofusBoyDoofusBoy17 dager siden
    • Stop, i'm going to cry

      Eduardo M.Eduardo M.17 dager siden
  • That thumb nail

    Kingless_Kingless_3 måneder siden
    • Just like old times

      Dead by DailyDead by Daily3 måneder siden
  • pain.

    Payton MorrisPayton Morris3 måneder siden
  • it caught on

    OlSamTheMemeGOD BicyclechinOlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin3 måneder siden
  • This hits different now

    Eggario oEggario o3 måneder siden
    • @「Gold2006」 what? he dated someone less than 2 years younger than him? that's stupid. or is it you think he manipulated her even though there's no proof to support that other than she knew who he was? so what is supposed to only date other streamers and NOtownrs??? and if someone says they know him he's supposed to completely ignore her???

      Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morrisMåned siden
    • It's like watching the Cosby show, but I feel less bad

      「Gold2006」「Gold2006」2 måneder siden
    • no it doesnt

      badipbadip3 måneder siden
  • oh this is my stop

    hannahanna3 måneder siden
  • Young girl

    ObsennObsenn3 måneder siden
  • monkey vision

    Luke.E.X and LaCajunGal1Luke.E.X and LaCajunGal13 måneder siden
  • this is hard to watch now

    RuvikRuvik3 måneder siden
    • @Papa John ye aight

      Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morrisMåned siden
    • @Sam Barrett morris This was a month ago.. The drama's kinda old / dead, my guy. It's official that he isn't being cancelled, so there's deadass no point in arguing about it anymore.

      Papa JohnPapa JohnMåned siden
    • @Papa John how was it horrible?? what? he dated someone less than 2 years younger than him? that's stupid. or is it you think he manipulated her even though there's no proof to support that other than she knew who he was? so what is supposed to only date other streamers and NOtownrs??? and if someone says they know him he's supposed to completely ignore her???

      Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morrisMåned siden
    • @Papa John ok you’re kinda right. And I also kinda forgot about the whole situation.

      Tristan MarroquinTristan Marroquin2 måneder siden
    • @Tristan Marroquin I don't know about you, but just because he did a horrible thing in the past doesn't change the fact that he's hilarious. Even if he gets cancelled and never uploads again, I have a ton of VOD and video binge watching to do.

      Papa JohnPapa John2 måneder siden
  • Am i still allowed to laugh at this without being canceled

    ObamnaObamna3 måneder siden
    • @AxWielder Sprigz fair enough

      Xander CoyleXander Coyle8 dager siden
    • @Xander Coyle no one cares

      AxWielder SprigzAxWielder Sprigz9 dager siden
    • You're Obamna, of course you can!

      AntiSocial PlebAntiSocial Pleb2 måneder siden
    • If someone does anything, the retarded cancel culture assholes will find a way to cancel innocent people. So, no matter what you say or do, you’ll get cancelled

      Xander CoyleXander Coyle3 måneder siden
    • You should be ok

      euxoaeuxoa3 måneder siden
  • 24:42

    Lil MoistLil Moist3 måneder siden
  • Knowing this might be Jawsh´s and Carsons last video together hurts me

    EsterEster3 måneder siden
    • It was

      Awesome ManCamAwesome ManCam4 dager siden
    • yep. ik.

      deadboydeadboy23 dager siden
    • @「Gold2006」 he didn't spit on it They wanted him to go to therapy and he refused and when something completely fine happened they fkn virtue signalled

      Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morris23 dager siden
    • @Sam Barrett morris people stretched out their hand for him and he spat on it. shitty behavior

      「Gold2006」「Gold2006」23 dager siden
    • @Sam Barrett morris You're right, there is no proof of manipulation or grooming. If anything Sam leads Carson on into thinking that their relationship is bad.

      The.Sketch.ProjektThe.Sketch.ProjektMåned siden
  • CallMeIncarcerated

    JabberDoesEditsJabberDoesEdits3 måneder siden
    • @bcson2003 Lol

      JabberDoesEditsJabberDoesEdits3 måneder siden
    • Bruh why did I read this wrong

      bcson2003bcson20033 måneder siden
  • me when i heard about the allegations 0:25

    harry goodchildharry goodchild3 måneder siden
    • Relatable

      Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds6 dager siden
  • cmon man :(

    notadamnotadam3 måneder siden
  • This hits different now that Carson has been accused I feel HORRIBLE

    SA7URNSA7URN3 måneder siden
  • this was better when i didnt know he was a groomer

    bread skateboardbread skateboard3 måneder siden
    • @Sway It's pretty easy when you know you can capitalize on saying that to get clout and money

      3 unskippable ads3 unskippable ads3 måneder siden
    • imagine, at 17 years of age, being self aware, being able to say with a straight face unironichally that you were groomed.

      SwaySway3 måneder siden
    • @Filipino Pulveriz3r I'm typing really bad because this is like the pyro situation, it makes me mad to see people do this again. It's supposed to be innocent until proven not guilty until proven innocent

      ChemChem3 måneder siden
    • @Filipino Pulveriz3r a 19 year old grooming at 17 year old go outside and see how many couples that have a 2 year difference. There are couples at my academy who have a 3 year difference do they need to go to federal prison?

      ChemChem3 måneder siden
    • @Chem They arent false. He confirmed them to be true he did everything

      Filipino Pulveriz3rFilipino Pulveriz3r3 måneder siden
  • Carson got 5 stars in real life

    ZeldaSiegeZeldaSiege3 måneder siden
    • @Draydra i know XDDFDDDDD

      bckbck3 måneder siden
    • @bck hilarious

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
    • @Draydra 6 stars on being a groomer

      bckbck3 måneder siden
    • 5 starts on comedy too he's just too funny

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
  • 7:34 Carson allegations in a nutshell

    CTG BallisticCTG Ballistic3 måneder siden
  • Here to remove likes

    ChowderChowder3 måneder siden
  • Hehe stank leg

  • Damn.

    Will HotalingWill Hotaling3 måneder siden
  • POV: you come here after you hear about the "news"

    SpeedzzSpeedzz3 måneder siden
    • No, I'm here to watch the video

      CamCam2 måneder siden
    • @No hai Sall I agree

      ChromaChroma3 måneder siden
    • @Chroma yoo,me too, i hope Carson will not delete it. And if he decides not to post anymore at least to keep the videos.....

      No hai SallNo hai Sall3 måneder siden
    • People are watching this because they enjoy Carson’s content and not because he did anything wrong, I’m watching because I’m afraid he might delete his channel and I wanna watch everything one last time. I hate this comment,

      ChromaChroma3 måneder siden
    • Man....i'm so courious to see what he has to say about all of those accusations....

      No hai SallNo hai Sall3 måneder siden
  • And 4 weeks later him and jawsh are done shame

    DuffinThe MuffinDuffinThe Muffin3 måneder siden
  • Can someone tell me what type of car zippy is

    Mick CrillyMick Crilly3 måneder siden
    • cyberpunk 77 car

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
    • ehh its a cheberuk

      WuhzhaWuhzha3 måneder siden
  • Zippy was my dog's name lol

    Demon DogDemon Dog3 måneder siden
  • The word funny doesn’t go well in your video title

    BendBoysBendBoys3 måneder siden
    • @ItsKaizo yea

      BendBoysBendBoys3 måneder siden
    • ha funny, very mature of you

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
    • Poopie caca hahajaja

      ItsKaizoItsKaizo3 måneder siden
  • just no charisma and not funny

    Justin 2ndJustin 2nd3 måneder siden
    • @Justin 2nd have you seen the other gta v video? he literally fell out of his chair laughing and even crying and your telling me hes faking it?

      BobsterrBobsterrMåned siden
    • @Justin 2nd tf u clickin on the vid for then?

      DrBoofensmirtzDrBoofensmirtz2 måneder siden
    • Imagine having a different sense of humor

      Brendan WilsonBrendan Wilson3 måneder siden
    • @Justin 2nd youve never watched Carson before huh

      Brad ThompsonBrad Thompson3 måneder siden
    • Funniest comment I’ve ever read

      ItsKaizoItsKaizo3 måneder siden
  • I made a power point of zippy fan-art (with credits ofc)

    Niko TerreroNiko Terrero3 måneder siden
    • @zotikos shhhhhh

      Niko TerreroNiko Terrero3 måneder siden
    • i cant believe i just fell for that💀 what kind of fan art is on youtube

      zotikoszotikos3 måneder siden
  • 6:09 WHAT IN THE FUCK.

    LittleVistaLittleVista3 måneder siden
    • HOW

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
    • H O W

      Best buddy MankaBest buddy Manka3 måneder siden
  • Zippy is the name if my wheelchair lol

    HS GlassBoi495HS GlassBoi4953 måneder siden
    • "I like it cause your zippin' around corners."

      Your UncleYour UncleMåned siden
  • Good times

    River RiceRiver Rice3 måneder siden
  • 13:33 Car Sex

    RoninRonin3 måneder siden
  • 13:34 Two trucks

    Iggy IggysonIggy Iggyson3 måneder siden
    • my muscles are involuntarily flexing

      D MayD May3 måneder siden
  • People have made Jeff x Zippy fan art and I’m scared

    KrisKris3 måneder siden
  • I am gay and can confirm i am cleaner

    Internal SufferingInternal Suffering3 måneder siden
  • that spin out at 4:07 was so silky smooth as well as a tad bit of slickness in there.

    ChesterChester3 måneder siden