"Mine Some Stone" - A Minecraft Parody of Jingle Bells (Music Video)

24. des.. 2020
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I love Christmas
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Mining through the stone
I’m on my last pickaxe
Through the caves I go
Filling chests with racks!
Creepers make me laugh
What a silly sprite!
What fun it is to mine and craft
Until tomorrow night, oh
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
[Verse 2]
A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a cart
And soon, I had arrived
Then the track fell apart
A creeper was to thank
Misfortune seemed my lot
I placed a couple planks
What hell hath he wrought?
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
[Verse 3]
A day or two ago
The story I must tell
Things were going bad
Things were going very very bad
Creepers walking by
Oh boy, my lucky day!
He neared while there I sprawling cried
I had to get away
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
Punch some trees, Mine some stone
Give that wolf a bone!
Oh, what fun it is to play
With my minecraft friends today, hey
Creepers blew up my whole world
And everything sucks

  • I hope he’s doing ok

    garnfrieldgarnfrield11 dager siden
    • Me too honestly

      Ryan DementRyan Dement4 dager siden
  • I dont care about the controversy. I just want this stupid content back.

    BoldAndBrashBoldAndBrash11 dager siden
    • Same

      Just An Ordinary GamerJust An Ordinary Gamer23 timer siden
    • Same

      NatiNatiDag siden
  • hahahn so funny and oriignal!

    KaiKai15 dager siden
  • I guess he did jingled them bells

    ripASTERripASTER15 dager siden
    • Yis PintoYis Pinto13 dager siden
  • I don't think the wolf is the thing he is trying to give a bone

    Jack BarnesJack BarnesMåned siden
    • @CoolCrayon61 good cmc controversy

      Jack BarnesJack Barnes6 dager siden
    • @Jack Barnes wdym kids

      CoolCrayon61CoolCrayon616 dager siden
    • @CoolCrayon61 kids

      Jack BarnesJack Barnes6 dager siden
    • I dont get it

      CoolCrayon61CoolCrayon616 dager siden
    • @BoldAndBrash explain why

      Jack BarnesJack Barnes11 dager siden
  • this video got old really quick

    SlurpeezSlurpeezMåned siden
  • Chests werent the only thing he was filling

    KiwiOverLordKiwiOverLordMåned siden
    • I dont get the dog joke or the chest joke pls explain

      CoolCrayon61CoolCrayon616 dager siden
    • @Duccpacito. Hahaha

      KiwiOverLordKiwiOverLordMåned siden
    • Dogs weren’t the only things he gave a bone

      Duccpacito.Duccpacito.Måned siden
  • my face the whole time 😐

    ByteByteMåned siden
    • well done

      prongle beingprongle beingMåned siden
    • good for you

      just a potatojust a potatoMåned siden
  • He could be dead for all we know. Thanks cancel culture

    Cameron NotarianoCameron NotarianoMåned siden
  • well i've come back to this after 2 months of carson being gone um

    PemoPemoMåned siden
  • The true reason why hes hiding from the internet

    10pLidlBag From Tesco10pLidlBag From TescoMåned siden
  • The overwhelming sadness I feel watching Carson's content now somehow hasn't ruined this song for me.

    chrischrisMåned siden
    • It used to be all fun and laughs Now it's just hollow

      BoldAndBrashBoldAndBrash11 dager siden
    • It's so empty

      EmiloidDoesn'tEmiloidDoesn't28 dager siden
  • jschlatt's minecraft parody teir list 3 be like

    Beau ArmstrongBeau ArmstrongMåned siden
  • i listen to this as a self punishment for myself when i do something bad

    axew2208 _axew2208 _Måned siden
  • Lit

    that one dudethat one dudeMåned siden

    Slow clap Industry’sSlow clap Industry’sMåned siden
  • Christian or not this is kinda dope

    STND OUTSTND OUTMåned siden
  • yes

    HpsHpsMåned siden
  • Who knew that the mine craft Reddit youtuber was a groomer........huh who could have seen that coming

    Nathan DuttonNathan Dutton2 måneder siden
    • @Nathan Dutton dude it wasnt grooming if you are the screenshots she was giving consent to karsten he isnt a groomer but I ain't saying what he did was wrong he shouldnt do that

      banana sausebanana sauseMåned siden
    • @Nathan Dutton what

      Blake CampbellBlake CampbellMåned siden
    • @Cup Man well he did wanted them little girl parties to snort 🤔

      Nathan DuttonNathan DuttonMåned siden
    • Not a groomer

      Cup ManCup ManMåned siden
  • :( this man raised me

    terrakid 29terrakid 292 måneder siden
    • @Le Queat this guy didn’t knew him back then I tell you that

      WelipeWelipe12 dager siden
    • @Welipe No he started 6 years ago

      Le QueatLe Queat12 dager siden
    • This guy started like 2 years ago, don't be silly

      WelipeWelipeMåned siden
  • This was a pleasure to listen to after about 10 beers

    Austin KaylorAustin Kaylor2 måneder siden
    • Should try it myself

      Yis PintoYis Pinto2 måneder siden
  • Carson please come back

    Just a BotJust a Bot2 måneder siden
  • When this came out, we loved it and had no idea...

    TheSpongeHasArrivedTheSpongeHasArrived2 måneder siden
    • Shut up

      Chris MarklowitzChris Marklowitz2 måneder siden
  • RIP

    FlowersFlowers2 måneder siden
    • Oof

      Yis PintoYis Pinto2 måneder siden
  • It will never be the same

    Stage 6Stage 62 måneder siden
    • @Darth Lynx my name speaks the truth

      Stage 6Stage 62 måneder siden
    • Nice name nigga

      Darth LynxDarth Lynx2 måneder siden
  • I got a migraine relief medication ad with this video.

    Ilya VaschilloIlya Vaschillo2 måneder siden
  • Carson sounds sad and angry every part goes on

    Margie PalmerMargie Palmer2 måneder siden
  • Pain.

    TheToxicBushTheToxicBush2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Jacob JuvancicJacob Juvancic2 måneder siden
    • hello

      iamnotanorangeiamnotanorangeMåned siden
  • 1:31 a quick summary of my whole life.

    Dryy. ishDryy. ish2 måneder siden
    • Huh

      just a potatojust a potatoMåned siden
  • This song lasted longer then his music career did

    The DevsThe Devs2 måneder siden
  • Rip

    Stephen FernettiStephen Fernetti2 måneder siden
  • before 2021: haha minecraft song after 2021: *cries*

    ShyGuy __ShyGuy __3 måneder siden
  • I hope this becomes the national anthem

    Shrek PlatinumShrek Platinum3 måneder siden
  • Everything was okay back then

    mr mocandmoremr mocandmore3 måneder siden
    • Back then, I didn't know I would treasure watching this madman in the future. Pain.

      Darth LynxDarth Lynx2 måneder siden
    • better times

      Tree WithHandsTree WithHands3 måneder siden
  • i agree

    SquishyBonesSquishyBones3 måneder siden
  • free my man

    Master MangoMaster Mango3 måneder siden
  • Crying rn

    SufiamaSufiama3 måneder siden
  • Anyone coming back to this bc it was stuck in their head

    coltennncoltennn3 måneder siden
    • i come back because i remember very vividly the way he says "give that wolf a bone" like hes about to cry. holds so much power

      shakalshakal3 måneder siden
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    normal personnormal person3 måneder siden
  • I know we have reached the true bad ending, but this wont ever not be a little funny.

    VoltVolt3 måneder siden
  • F

    Nancy The DogNancy The Dog3 måneder siden
  • Disappointed

    MalkncookiesMalkncookies3 måneder siden
  • F

    Toasted_ToasterToasted_Toaster3 måneder siden
  • This aged like fine milk

    That dumb FarmerThat dumb Farmer3 måneder siden
    • @MemerTheMemer that makes no sense. Things only aged bad if they said or done something

      ________3 måneder siden
    • @____ if carson is in the video = it aged bad

      MemerTheMemerMemerTheMemer3 måneder siden
    • What ages in this video?

      ________3 måneder siden
    • and here we can see the most original comment applause

      Karel KošinaKarel Košina3 måneder siden
    • No

      Al SyafiqAl Syafiq3 måneder siden
  • An instant classic. You've done it again, Carson!

    Spicy SonnySpicy Sonny3 måneder siden
    • So u did not heard the newa ha?

      דניאל רוטקופףדניאל רוטקופף3 måneder siden
  • So miniborb is gonna delete her twitter after this is over.

    nathan angulonathan angulo3 måneder siden
  • Carson loves minecraft because there are miners.

    First LastFirst Last3 måneder siden
    • @vicboss depends on state

      1Duriann1Duriann3 måneder siden
    • @1Duriann and according to laws if they are 4 years or younger than them it's legal

      vicbossvicboss3 måneder siden
    • not really lmao

      1Duriann1Duriann3 måneder siden
    • @1Duriann this was a good joke tho

      NewPancakeManNewPancakeMan3 måneder siden
    • @no no actually it was completely consensual, here's a video that explains more ^^ notown.info/two/video/3qlrZWybnbWDy9E.html

      Frisk dreemurrFrisk dreemurr3 måneder siden
  • tHiS hItS dIfFeReNt NoW

    Donomír of TroyDonomír of Troy3 måneder siden
    • hahahA upVoTe

      FearFear3 måneder siden
    • 😳

      G NewhallG Newhall3 måneder siden
  • i literally heard the first second and left the video, i barley have brain cells left. don’t kill my last ones

    YowhereamiYowhereami3 måneder siden
  • man

    alticrowalticrow3 måneder siden
  • Remember guys, he messed up but he is not a pedophile.

    Snopple WoppleSnopple Wopple3 måneder siden
    • @saxopreme just because he has a platform doesn't mean he cant date people who dont

      FrostyFrosty3 måneder siden
    • @saxopreme I would not say that he manipulated them, that is like saying that youtubers should only date youtubers.

      Snopple WoppleSnopple Wopple3 måneder siden
    • He did bad stuff to the narrator though.

      RYLE SALUNGARYLE SALUNGA3 måneder siden
    • The biggest problem isn’t that he sexted with a minor, it’s that he manipulated vulnerable people...

      saxopremesaxopreme3 måneder siden
  • Please tell me why

    TheMidnightTrainTheMidnightTrain3 måneder siden
  • And watch out for such christmas classics as: JingleJail Bait Chestnuts posted over an underage minor And I saw carson breaking the equal protection clause And much, much more...

    Dylan SkimeDylan Skime3 måneder siden
  • Miner

    MirroredMirrored3 måneder siden
    • D:

      KillingMachine 24KillingMachine 242 måneder siden
  • He did some wrong shit But i still hope he doesnt kill himself

    Donomír of TroyDonomír of Troy3 måneder siden
    • @Nancy The Dog i think he actually moved in with his parents for the better of mental state

      Donomír of TroyDonomír of Troy3 måneder siden
    • No one should feel that they need to kill themselves im not gonna defend Carson but I soundly want that to happen at all

      Nancy The DogNancy The Dog3 måneder siden
  • What a fuckin sad day it is

    EIKICHIEIKICHI3 måneder siden
  • It hurts how off beat he is. *Likes video*

    Potato Lover_151Potato Lover_1513 måneder siden
  • My heart hurts whenever this gets stuck in my head, hope you get better carson.

    Actual TrashActual Trash3 måneder siden
  • Nothing lasts forever.

    DogeCheckDogeCheck3 måneder siden
    • @Stage 6 look at Kavos' youtube channel

      ᴄᴀɪɴᴄᴀɪɴ20 dager siden
    • @bruhboy88 tell me

      Stage 6Stage 6Måned siden
    • @Stage 6 if only you knew

      bruhboy88bruhboy88Måned siden
    • ooooo yea the situa-

      Palm treesPalm trees2 måneder siden
    • Wah

      NowhereBruhNowhereBruh2 måneder siden
  • Omg Carson hits an rko on the 17 year old and he goes for the pin 1! 2! 3! And your winner is CallMeCarsonTheSoonToBeFalselyIncarcerated

    Balwinder KumarBalwinder Kumar3 måneder siden
  • F

    ZeldaSiegeZeldaSiege3 måneder siden
  • 0:25 hits differently now

    Kingdom of MonacoKingdom of Monaco3 måneder siden
  • im sorry carson

    TheGamingBoiTheGamingBoi3 måneder siden
  • It sounds like he wants to laugh so bad

    Kaleb GamingKaleb Gaming3 måneder siden
  • at some points if the song he sounds like he is at gunpoint

    The AxolotlThe Axolotl3 måneder siden
  • "I used to ruuuuuuulllleeeeeeeeeeee the world" -Captain sparkles

    The Magical CrusaderThe Magical Crusader3 måneder siden
    • Minecraft

      Stage 6Stage 62 måneder siden
  • This hits different now

    Melancholic PineappleMelancholic Pineapple3 måneder siden
    • Not really???

      SheerspeechcraftSheerspeechcraft3 måneder siden
    • bruh a song about minecraft pickaxes hit different now?

      Joe’s MamaJoe’s Mama3 måneder siden
    • Does it really though?

      DrEAmDrEAm3 måneder siden
    • @LuxMoon overwhelming sadness about what Carson did

      Just an Ordinary CriticJust an Ordinary Critic3 måneder siden
    • How

      LuxMoonLuxMoon3 måneder siden
  • When the allegations came out: 1:27

    TitanTitan3 måneder siden
    • 1:01 also fits very well

      Jordanianianian ianianianianJordanianianian ianianianian3 måneder siden
  • he sounded like there was a gun being held to his face, but now he does have a gun held to his face by his entire fanbase

    g mg m3 måneder siden
    • No, his fanbase isn’t the one with the guns. It’s everyone except them.

      Dumb FrickerDumb Fricker3 måneder siden
  • Creepers make me laugh what a funny sprite! ..... *Starts Crying*.

    Mr DodoMr Dodo3 måneder siden
  • He didn’t do anything wrong lol

    keptswiftkeptswift3 måneder siden
    • He actually did do illegal stuff. He had possession of nudes from a minor fan, and he also groomed her. Which is illegal.

      BobsticleBobsticle3 måneder siden
    • @SHIS STAN no guarantee charges will be pressed

      WJ4WJ43 måneder siden
    • @SHIS STAN ohh :(

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
    • @Draydra he commited a crime, so pretty sure :(((

      SHIS STANSHIS STAN3 måneder siden
    • @SHIS STAN wait, hes gone?

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
  • Well RIP. I enjoyed your content Carson.

    360_Gangster Elite360_Gangster Elite3 måneder siden
  • I've had this song stuck in my head all day. I may absolutely despise you, but I gotta admit I will be religiously coming back to this video and sobbing every time

    Jordanianianian ianianianianJordanianianian ianianianian3 måneder siden
  • After his amazing album he got so rich and threw away his reputation

    monkey noisesmonkey noises3 måneder siden
  • My day is ruined... why carson?

    TzShadeTzShade3 måneder siden
    • @Doge Charger cp isn't fucking legal and he had just a little bit of that

      Bean TimeBean Time3 måneder siden
    • @Jordanianianian ianianianian yeah the problem was that she was a fan and he was a 800k youtuber

      ChickenBruhChickenBruh3 måneder siden
    • @Doge Charger the way that people just focus on the age and not the giant power imbalance between the two

      Jordanianianian ianianianianJordanianianian ianianianian3 måneder siden
    • If you actually read into it you realize no grooming was involved and that this was all entirely legal under Indiana's Romeo and Juliet laws plus laws regarding dating minors with minimal age gaps who are above the state age of consent

      Doge ChargerDoge Charger3 måneder siden
  • People before the allegations: Haha this is so funny People after: This is the worst thing to ever grace the planet oh my fucking god please destroy it

    Merc_789Merc_7893 måneder siden
    • @DrEAm It's not about the age gap, it's about the fact that he used his influence as a NOtownr to get her to do shit she otherwise wouldn't do. Also, cp is illegal no matter what state you live in, so there's that

      GioPotatoesGioPotatoes3 måneder siden

      DrEAmDrEAm3 måneder siden
    • @DrEAm ik this came out after your comment was posted so no hate but it turns out Carson lied to everyone about it being resolved in private

      WJ4WJ43 måneder siden
    • @DrEAm he cp which even in that area you still need to 18+ for it not to be

      Pepsi ConvoyPepsi Convoy3 måneder siden
    • @DrEAm true man

      DraydraDraydra3 måneder siden
  • This used to be my jam. Now..it's just..cringe

    TykjenTykjen3 måneder siden
  • god carson was one of my favorite youtubers and now... wow. im honestly just heartbroken

    cerblecerble3 måneder siden
  • This used to be a fun song. Now I want to cry forever.

    Colm DunlapColm Dunlap3 måneder siden
    • It still is a fun song

      tallingtalling2 måneder siden
  • well this is awkward

    averyavery3 måneder siden
  • pain

    epic 1902epic 19023 måneder siden
  • I think someone is holding a gun to his head while he sings

    Salami with butterSalami with butter3 måneder siden
    • Maybe it was himself who was holding the gun😳

      Best buddy MankaBest buddy Manka3 måneder siden
    • @Jordanianianian ianianianian not funny didnt laugh

      FrostyFrosty3 måneder siden
    • @Jordanianianian ianianianian k

      Failing at ART CLASSFailing at ART CLASS3 måneder siden
    • @Failing at ART CLASS i don't think he does either, I simply saw the opportunity for a joke and made it lmao, i'm sorry

      Jordanianianian ianianianianJordanianianian ianianianian3 måneder siden
    • @Jordanianianian ianianianian not really, not saying that im defending him but he doesn’t deserve death

      Failing at ART CLASSFailing at ART CLASS3 måneder siden
  • he sure likes miners

    sexsex3 måneder siden
    • @Oslim me to

      Aiden SmallAiden Small3 måneder siden
    • @TheRussianBear I would like to know why the bear is Russian

      brickbrick3 måneder siden
    • Oh god

      TheRussianBearTheRussianBear3 måneder siden
    • I hate that joke

      OslimOslim3 måneder siden
    • please.

      brickbrick3 måneder siden
  • bard

    BallsBalls3 måneder siden
  • What the sign says: Ludwig’s Christmas Album is better!!

    John Luis BambalanJohn Luis Bambalan3 måneder siden
  • Bruh I keep thinking he is going to go off beat

    Ghost PantsGhost Pants3 måneder siden
  • It slaps

    Hunter C.Hunter C.3 måneder siden
  • Its so unsatisfying how hes always slightly out of tune

    King WotzitKing Wotzit3 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🦵🏿

    KwafflewaffleKwafflewaffle3 måneder siden
  • pls give dog bone pls

    CinniminCinnimin3 måneder siden
  • On august 15th 2017, Carson king presented a controversial image of himself sticking his thumb up, whilst a bold caption statin 'Kill your parents' appeared in his infamous video. The juxtaposition of minions, and the nostalgia of the Wii whit the dark message of 'Kill your parents' represents the deep psychological turmoil and issues this man faces. The psychotic command of killing someone whilst the grin fills this man's face shows a lack of empathy and we could witnessing the undertone of Carson's twisted sinister mind, whilst blushing it off as a mere joke...

    PixyPixy3 måneder siden
  • This is going to make me commit a crime

    FroggeFrogge3 måneder siden
    • @Evan_or_somthin’ lol

      BobsticleBobsticle3 måneder siden
    • this aged well

      Evan_or_somthin’Evan_or_somthin’3 måneder siden
  • Is this on Spotify? I hope

    RagtagMedusa 25RagtagMedusa 253 måneder siden
  • I can't believe Carson boned a wolf

    KoastrKoastr3 måneder siden
    • You got ratio'd L

      GMP WaruwuGMP Waruwu3 måneder siden
    • this aged very poorly

      C00L3RC00L3R3 måneder siden
    • He like miners

      CarelessCareless3 måneder siden
    • that aged well

      Evan_or_somthin’Evan_or_somthin’3 måneder siden
  • Obama is that you

    SwerveSwerve3 måneder siden
  • He gave that dog a *bone* ...

    shaviorharukishaviorharuki3 måneder siden
    • @shaviorharuki *y e s*

      BobsticleBobsticle3 måneder siden
    • @Bobsticle *it did*

      shaviorharukishaviorharuki3 måneder siden
    • why do you have to make it sound so weird, but it did age well according to the recent *events*

      BobsticleBobsticle3 måneder siden
  • Love this song

    Jade SpadeJade Spade3 måneder siden

    Jordy Gonzalez-DiazJordy Gonzalez-Diaz3 måneder siden
  • Put it on speed 2x its funny.

    Small DogeSmall Doge3 måneder siden