Rocket League at 3 AM

9. okt.. 2020
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i love harry potter and also rocket league
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Rocket League at 3 AM

  • 4:52 is a cool part because he jumps into two cars moving with him doesn’t touch one and lands it very underestimated moment

    Robo DonutRobo Donut3 timer siden
  • I miss him

    Lemonboi34Lemonboi34Dag siden
  • 12:52 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened' in the bottom right. Fitting.

    Beck RamseyBeck Ramsey19 dager siden
  • those kids emulated carsons energy exactly

    TheCandleWaxxTheCandleWaxx20 dager siden
  • The near refrigerator pharmacodynamically like because paper osmotically wriggle apropos a steadfast ground. gullible gusty, ritzy airmail

    Kelly PalmerKelly PalmerMåned siden
  • 5:43 foreshadowing...?

    GobbspepoGobbspepoMåned siden
  • Carson i love your content i just wish you didnt make the mistakes that you did

    John MaguireJohn MaguireMåned siden
    • Ikr

      BrandVids YASBrandVids YASMåned siden
  • Just because someone has done something bad doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy there old content

    Preposterous PersonPreposterous PersonMåned siden
    • Exactly

      BrandVids YASBrandVids YASMåned siden
    • Agreed. I'll be coming back to these plenty. Idk about ones with a facecam though, might be hard not to think about it.

      Whitt SolakWhitt SolakMåned siden
  • lbj uh

    Samuel MartonSamuel Marton2 måneder siden
  • I feel like most times if you play rocket league with friends in a voice call your playing for fun. But it’s at 6:00pm that you’ve been solo queuing for 8 hours and you realize you’re addicted.

    Bran.dude!Bran.dude!2 måneder siden
  • dawg yall are actually good at this game

    Ste phenSte phen2 måneder siden
  • You all sound SUPER sleep deprived

    MrOliveMrOlive2 måneder siden
  • I like turtles

    MK EliteMK Elite2 måneder siden
  • Why are there two gumballs?

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson3 måneder siden
  • man

    ILikeLemonsILikeLemons3 måneder siden
  • Dammit Carson, why you gotta message underage kids

    M JM J3 måneder siden
    • 19 and 17 dating isn't a crime but exchanging nudes are. But Romeo and Juliet law also protects them as well

      Zed anideZed anideMåned siden
    • @noobmaster 69 what??? that makes zero sense. if its a two year age gap, it isnt against the law, and it isnt morally wrong. the problem here is that carson took advantage of a fan

      pigropigroMåned siden
    • @lucas smith almost, its not ok to talk to underage kids even if its a 2 year age gap

      noobmaster 69noobmaster 692 måneder siden
    • it was a consensual relationship, look at the messages. also, they weren't kids. they were both almost 18.

      lucas smithlucas smith3 måneder siden
  • Nothing but pain

    1996 Dodge Neon1996 Dodge Neon3 måneder siden
    • pain indeed

      Z3Z33 måneder siden
  • Banana bread

    RedemptionRedemption3 måneder siden
  • This is like a scuffed mertzy video

    MackeMacke3 måneder siden
  • I have a bitter taste in my mouth.

    KomicalKramerKomicalKramer3 måneder siden
  • honestly i want to gauge out my eyes

    Lisa ArthursLisa Arthurs3 måneder siden
  • Pain

  • who’s here after the allegations

    kvuxxkvuxx3 måneder siden
  • This was my favorite video by you ig it won’t hit the same anymore goodbye Carson it was an honor

    Ryder ScherrRyder Scherr3 måneder siden
    • same, i’ve got maybe 7 views on this from me

      Faith WilsonFaith Wilson3 måneder siden
  • his videos just dont feel the same man

    TheCommunistWeebTheCommunistWeeb3 måneder siden
  • man i’m gonna miss these videos

    Teagan FrenkelTeagan Frenkel3 måneder siden
  • this fucking hurts man.

    wedwed3 måneder siden
  • doesnt feel the same

    TrashedsTrasheds3 måneder siden
    • Same, but I still can laugh at it thank god. I can't look at Carson the same anymore but I still watch his videos because nothing makes me laugh harder. I just wish I could enjoy it worry free.

      Whitt SolakWhitt SolakMåned siden
    • How?

      Ulta NagenkiUlta NagenkiMåned siden
    • Yeah

      John MaguireJohn MaguireMåned siden
    • yea

      Little JuanLittle Juan3 måneder siden
  • This is just.

    DigitalReduxDigitalRedux3 måneder siden
    • Yeah ❤️

      CrispyCrispy3 måneder siden
  • Carson.

    DigitalReduxDigitalRedux3 måneder siden
    • Shut up

      GustavoCaliente YTGustavoCaliente YT2 måneder siden
  • Oh Carson boy

    itsbrandyboiiitsbrandyboii3 måneder siden
  • Hey carson i doubt youll see this but seeing the situation you’re in rn, i just wanna tell you that although you did something wrong, you’ll still be one of my fav NOtownrs. I just wish that this never happened in the first place and i feel very sorry for you, having to deal with this all on your own. I just want you to know that everything is gonna be alright and that we’ll eventually get through this, wether the hard way or easy way. :(

    PeakzPeakz3 måneder siden
    • @Mr. Master246 god you twitter users will just believe anything you hear and read. Both agreed. Carson was just as hesitant as she was but she persisted. Both were in the wrong. Fuck.

      Josh_DNVGJosh_DNVG2 måneder siden
    • @Mr. Master246 have you read the dms? she wasn’t exactly innocent and admitted to sending first AND she didn’t regret it.

      Grace HofmannGrace Hofmann3 måneder siden
    • @Memele its not about the age, and carson has already admitted to it in dms

      Nexus The PhrogNexus The Phrog3 måneder siden
    • @Memele “this person who admitted to sexually abusing women to dozens of people hasn’t given their opinion on their own sexual assault wait for them to do that” oh ok

      Mr. Master246Mr. Master2463 måneder siden
    • @Mr. Master246 bruh shes 17 miss me with that shit. Nothing is confirmed and Carson has not made An official statement so stop talking and wait for that

      MemeleMemele3 måneder siden
  • Man

    {{[[[ Minthie ]]]}}{{[[[ Minthie ]]]}}3 måneder siden
  • Rocket League and sending DPs to children at 3 AM

    JofishJofish3 måneder siden
    • @TheCommunistWeeb exactly

      JofishJofish3 måneder siden
    • @Mr. Daru but its the power imbalance, its how he used his power as a content creator to get pics from minors

      TheCommunistWeebTheCommunistWeeb3 måneder siden
    • @LimeyPlays true

      Games & PlaysGames & Plays3 måneder siden
    • This man had 500 hours in this game what a waste to just go to jail afterwards

      LimeyPlaysLimeyPlays3 måneder siden
    • Joke or not. Don’t say he sent DPs to “children” she was 17

      Preposterous PersonPreposterous Person3 måneder siden
  • man

    Commander PandaCommander Panda3 måneder siden
  • bruh

    mob boss chimpmob boss chimp3 måneder siden
  • Content has downgraded

    YoYo Yo-yoYoYo Yo-yo3 måneder siden
  • I can’t be the only one to want this discord this to exist right?

    loss of wordsloss of words3 måneder siden
  • "We can beat them if we combine our power... Oh shit, Lizzo's comin' in hot..."

    En AyEn Ay3 måneder siden
  • Yo can i join u guys in rl

    ClickedClicked3 måneder siden
    • @Clicked why did ya say somthing

      Panduh RLPanduh RL3 måneder siden
    • @Panduh RL me

      ClickedClicked3 måneder siden
    • @Clicked you got bombarded or he was getting bombarded

      Panduh RLPanduh RL3 måneder siden
    • @Panduh RL yes, and went on twitter and got bombarded

      ClickedClicked3 måneder siden
    • Did u watch it?

      Panduh RLPanduh RL3 måneder siden
  • We all need to thank the viewer that said "i'd debate you on rocket league drip" and Jawsh for talking about the Marvel Discord Server

    Chris ZotosChris Zotos3 måneder siden
  • Every time I come back to this video the “I got ZUMBA” always makes laugh for a whole minute

    ChavesChaves3 måneder siden
  • Grunk and Junky sound so similar to me that I can only distinguish them via the colored text

    NatureGirl567NatureGirl5673 måneder siden
  • Rocket league be like: Cars? ON!

    crystalpiecrystalpie3 måneder siden
  • is it just me or did anyone else think liam was jawsh when they first watched this

    TeoTeo3 måneder siden
  • this editor fucking sucks he doesnt even edit in the "Bah boh beh di babudoo bah" thing when Josh said it

    Makarov The PlatMakarov The Plat3 måneder siden
  • I like how bigshrimpin is just casually dominating the entire time

    Joshua TaylorJoshua Taylor3 måneder siden
  • Fun Fact: I actually waited till 3 AM to watch this

    Pionirski ZecPionirski Zec3 måneder siden
  • I haven't heard laughs like that since Racc was in your vids.

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson3 måneder siden
  • Lovely vid, also love the outro song

    Wesman1012 Films/MusicWesman1012 Films/Music3 måneder siden
  • this whole video is like 2:14 AM vibes

    The PerfettThe Perfett3 måneder siden
  • yo its christmas, thats crazy

    Isaac CalderonIsaac Calderon3 måneder siden
  • God Damnit you crazy bastard you did it you made racism but racism

    Tr0gIodyteTr0gIodyte3 måneder siden
  • New editor is coolio julio

    diegodiego3 måneder siden
  • this video is so gold

    F0rcefpsF0rcefps3 måneder siden
  • More

    rowhy streamingrowhy streaming3 måneder siden
  • ive rewatched this video like 5 times

    AnzuAnzu3 måneder siden
  • If carson doesn't think he's funny, explain this entire video.

    StelllarStelllar3 måneder siden
  • i cant believe Jawsh has a sense of humor exactly like mine holy shit

    Pengo ModePengo Mode3 måneder siden
  • Never knew Carson, Jaiden, and Gumball played Rocket League

    Cutebunch123Cutebunch1233 måneder siden
  • Havent laughed this hard in a while 10/10

    DeffoNotSarahDeffoNotSarah3 måneder siden
  • “I’m gumball” 🤣

    Braincell GamesBraincell Games3 måneder siden
  • 7:20 is a beautiful sub count

    PerkarPerkar4 måneder siden
  • Why the outro sound like that archery game

    Israel BailonIsrael Bailon4 måneder siden
  • This, the other rocket league video(with Kanye West), and the mario kart video have got to be my favorite videos ever.

    SunSun4 måneder siden
  • Im a bit late but this was some good editing

    HydeHyde4 måneder siden
  • lmao one mil views

    Shane MorseShane Morse4 måneder siden
  • I want more 3 am rocket league

    Saggypotatoes 72Saggypotatoes 724 måneder siden
  • Josh sounds so dead by the end

    Some DudeSome Dude4 måneder siden
  • If you spell mud blood like "mud blud" it feels like it could be a rapper name

    Kadodragon2369Kadodragon23694 måneder siden
  • Rocket league at 3:00am while drunk

    Magic ManMagic Man4 måneder siden
  • i’d buy call me carson merch but it’s shit like wtf is pool hall

    Jamison PerryJamison Perry4 måneder siden
  • he got ZUMBA

    Atticus ShockAtticus Shock4 måneder siden
  • This was especially a banger

    Max CamilleriMax Camilleri4 måneder siden
  • I got zumba

    Callmeagonyv.1Callmeagonyv.14 måneder siden
  • Play with sunless

    Cedar CCedar C4 måneder siden
  • josh 3am vibes

    subAvianthsubAvianth4 måneder siden
  • You know what Harry Potter was missing? Racism

    Jesse GibbsJesse Gibbs4 måneder siden
  • "mu'bloo'"

    Lane MillerLane Miller4 måneder siden
  • Yo I saw this video in my feed at 3:09 am I feel like it’s a sing ngl

    Grandma HitlerGrandma Hitler4 måneder siden
  • Harry Potter and the Racist Discord Server

    - Nectarr -- Nectarr -4 måneder siden
  • 7:19 I feel like junky janker has PTSD from acting as gumball

    ayedannayedann4 måneder siden
  • Did he actually voice gumball?

    Mark BötefürMark Bötefür4 måneder siden
  • I went 120 in a school zone and for SOME reason I'm serving 10 to life for going over a SPEED BUMP

    NuclearHedgehog72NuclearHedgehog724 måneder siden
  • Bop bo ba bop bopity bop bop bop

    ThumbThumb4 måneder siden

    snake eyes10182snake eyes101824 måneder siden
  • what was that song at the end???

    Kyle _MKWiiKyle _MKWii4 måneder siden
    • do you know that the description exists

      DogdudeDogdude4 måneder siden
  • Why’d he show James Harden and Michael Jordan lmao

    Master OogwayMaster Oogway4 måneder siden
  • Hmmm

    Isak Assarehn 8c HögastensskolanIsak Assarehn 8c Högastensskolan4 måneder siden
  • catfish

    TWOMATOTWOMATO4 måneder siden
  • Carson fire your new editor and get someone to make subtitles, it would accomplish the same thing

    VeolouxVeoloux4 måneder siden
  • was that really lizzo???????????????????????????????

    Clover FoxClover Fox4 måneder siden
  • I came back after watching the whole video and this has got to be in my top 3 call me Carson vids of all time

    molotov20molotov204 måneder siden
  • I like the editing

    molotov20molotov204 måneder siden
  • new editors good

    Lincoln PapayasLincoln Papayas4 måneder siden
  • le bron jame s

    pogey_pogey_4 måneder siden
  • otherfriends

    laurie canallaurie canal4 måneder siden
  • Gumball

    VortexVortex4 måneder siden
  • bro who tf was lizzo, they were insane

    Adrian DancelAdrian Dancel4 måneder siden

    goosegoose4 måneder siden