Terrorizing Famous People in Proximity Chat Among Us

28. des.. 2020
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and I'm never getting invited back
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  • Carson one more video u can’t end your career with among us

    Slow clap Industry’sSlow clap Industry’s32 minutter siden
  • I feel like carson was too humble for people to be mad, most people are just sad about the situation. I miss him, he was becomimg one of my favourite content creators.

    p ineappl ep ineappl eTime siden
  • Carson your free she Lied you can go back now

    BraydenGames 131BraydenGames 1312 timer siden
    • Source?

      Noah AlbrechtNoah AlbrechtTime siden
  • Anyone here after Carson was proven to be innocent of the things he was accused of?

    XausXaus2 timer siden
    • Wait, he was? Do you have a source?

      Noah AlbrechtNoah AlbrechtTime siden
  • His last words were "9,000,000 IQ among us play"

    Ron ORon O2 timer siden
  • Español

    Benjamín LopezBenjamín Lopez3 timer siden
  • Carson plz come back now that we know the allegations aren’t true...I really miss your content and watching ur hilarious videos at night. Plz come back. *insert Gary come home spongebob song here*

    Lane CampbellLane Campbell4 timer siden
  • I love you Carson

    Tyrone HopeTyrone Hope6 timer siden
  • Before you say anything bad about carson just go take a look at edp445 chat logs

    SauceSauce12 timer siden
  • CMC ex-fans going to any Carson vid to comment "well this didn't age well" because of a phrase said by him but taken completely out of context:

    FelorangeFelorange23 timer siden
  • Come back. We need you.

    Nolan P.RuizNolan P.RuizDag siden
  • Did the child have the milk?

    hmmmhmmmDag siden
  • You were the chosen one

    ZyemlusZyemlusDag siden
  • Why did you do this to us Carson?

    Creative and funny name Haha funny nameCreative and funny name Haha funny nameDag siden
  • "ive meant everything ive ever said"

    Paxton JamesPaxton JamesDag siden
    • hes fucking balding at the age of 21

      TFL A05TFL A05Dag siden
  • Funniest Guy I've Ever Seen. People want to push him down..... why does he let them?

    Trillex 2244Trillex 2244Dag siden
  • *Creep.*

    Kieth LopezKieth Lopez2 dager siden
    • Call edp445 that he is worse

      SauceSauce12 timer siden
  • Canceled

    cheetahwang420cheetahwang4202 dager siden
  • Who else is getting this in their recommend 8 years later

    PogChamp 1807PogChamp 18072 dager siden
    • Me

      •hankus••hankus•Dag siden
  • Bro I had a dream last night that Carson came back and it was awesome. He tweeted: "Oh look a video, that's really neat!" And his new vid was him starting a modded Minecraft play-through with Jawsh. It was wonderful. People stopped shitting on him so much, and he was welcomed back with open arms, as he suffered way more at the hands of Twitter than he should have. Man I miss him... I really wish people didn't criticize him so much for something that wasn't extremely bad. He could've gotten a chance to better himself, or I mean, not much because maybe he was really just looking for a relationship after the past months, and just because he's someone in the public eye, received way more backlash than if it was someone who wasn't famous. People crushed him before he could really come out and try to ease the situation, and with his history of depression and most likely present state of depression, this was the nail in the coffin for his mental health. Carson, if you're reading this, just know that I, along with I hope others, will always support you no matter what. I don't care what happens, but you're not a bad person. I have watched you since your red hoodie pfp days, and will continue to do so. I hope you're doing well. Much love :)

    CharredSkiesCharredSkies2 dager siden
  • Carson should play the new among us map

    calccalc2 dager siden
  • i’m 17.

    Maxim MirandaMaxim Miranda2 dager siden
  • His main channel is dying and is almost completely dead only about 4 videos in the past year

    Muffin ManMuffin Man2 dager siden
  • I hope you come back soon, you're one of the greatest man.

    Cristian GarciaCristian Garcia3 dager siden
  • How TF does James Charles not get Cancelled for grooming BUT CARSON DOES WTF. Not a big age gap but wtf

    UnsmilingmanUnsmilingman3 dager siden
    • @Sauce Who?

      iSniperiSniper11 timer siden
    • @iSniper either did edp445

      SauceSauce12 timer siden
    • Well.. It's because Carson didn't make an apology/response video

      iSniperiSniperDag siden
  • miss you bud

    sorry nothingsorry nothing3 dager siden
  • These are dark, dark times

    DirtydanDirtydan3 dager siden
  • Waiting for his new video

    CR3AM PI3CR3AM PI33 dager siden
  • Plz come back I miss ur vids

    Uncle JimmyUncle Jimmy3 dager siden
    • I'm not sure if you just haven't heard, or have forgiven him, but i miss him dearly too.

  • callmecarson was the imposter :(

    richie richrichie rich4 dager siden
  • It feels a lot longer than 3 months

    Enclave Comms OfficerEnclave Comms Officer5 dager siden
  • Man

    BooplesnootyBooplesnooty5 dager siden
  • Bad banana

    Dankey KangDankey Kang5 dager siden
  • Carson sus

    Elliott St.AubinElliott St.Aubin5 dager siden
  • The last vid before he quit.

    z_carver79 ON PS4z_carver79 ON PS46 dager siden
  • seriously hope hes ok, while what he did wasn't good, no one deserves complete isolation, carson if you're reading this i hope you are as ok as you can be :)

    dffzfbbchj tdgjkjffdffzfbbchj tdgjkjff6 dager siden
  • Didn't he get close to suicided due to depression?

    King of GameingKing of Gameing6 dager siden
  • i refuse that his last video he had a middle part and played amongus

  • He used to roll the dice.

    PheralGhoulPheralGhoul6 dager siden
    • Feel the fear in his enemy’s eyes

      Goose in a SuitGoose in a Suit2 dager siden
    • Me when monopoly

      BooplesnootyBooplesnooty5 dager siden
  • twitter: omg carson a peodphile OMGGOEGNJEGEGOG!!!!! youtube comments: *actually valid points on the subject*

    nekomancernekomancer6 dager siden
    • What he did was bad, but I miss him so damn much :(

  • "I'm very disappointed."

    I'm Your BeanI'm Your Bean6 dager siden
  • Please come back Carson I miss you

    Jack KahnJack Kahn6 dager siden
  • You see kids there once was a man and they called him Carson until he fucked up

    Tate LynchTate Lynch7 dager siden
  • I hope he comes back changed and more happy with himself. His self esteem was probably destroyed by the amount of hate he has been getting

    FiKCRFiKCR7 dager siden
    • @ブランデミルアラシ thank god

    • @TDashLIVE He, technically did. Ludwig let videos plays and a video that had callmecarson in it came up. Carson texted Ludwig to stop it from playing, and Ludwig told chat about it. Some fellas searched the chat and saw he was there and active. He’s alive.

      ブランデミルアラシブランデミルアラシ4 dager siden
    • @ブランデミルアラシ He appeared on Ludwig's stream?

      TDashLIVETDashLIVE6 dager siden
    • Atleast we know he’s alive. That appearance on Ludwig’s stream is a good sign

      ブランデミルアラシブランデミルアラシ6 dager siden
    • I agree with this. Yes, what he did was messed up, but I really hope he's doing alright.

      TDashLIVETDashLIVE7 dager siden
  • please come back

    NaderNader7 dager siden
  • I literally had the straightest face while watching this.

    Chris RyanChris Ryan7 dager siden
    • you should turn your monitor and headphones on 👍

      iSniperiSniperDag siden
    • too busy eating huh?

      Meat BallMeat Ball5 dager siden
  • Carson, please don’t leave, you’ve gotten me through some hard times, it was only a 2 year age gap. The community misses you, Twitter is a shit show where they let the powerpuff girls have a live action show while canceling NOtownrs like you

    Scope Pictures AnimationsScope Pictures Animations7 dager siden
  • I've seen this video at least 10 times, and I only just figured out the "plastic wrapper" joke lmfao

    Foxichu101Foxichu1017 dager siden
  • *CallMeCancelled*

    yehyeh8 dager siden
  • o7

    TopFragPotatoTopFragPotato8 dager siden
  • Come back Carson... I miss you

    YESYES8 dager siden
  • Come back

    skyhawk 16skyhawk 168 dager siden
    • One day he will :)

      Isaac LewisIsaac Lewis7 dager siden
  • Why....

    skyhawk 16skyhawk 168 dager siden
  • So this is what happens when you make someone popular because you feel sorry for them

    Moxi Foxi77Moxi Foxi779 dager siden
  • Carson come back and don’t ever use Twitter again

    The love of your lifeThe love of your life9 dager siden
  • Last vido do be amogus

    Inseto Does Dumb StuffInseto Does Dumb Stuff9 dager siden

    ZyvoxxZyvoxx9 dager siden
    • @Tristan Whittington thats a two year ďifferenct not 5 lol, its not even a problem

      PropartyXPropartyX8 dager siden
    • I find it disturbing that you know her exact age at that time.

      T ortillaT ortilla8 dager siden
    • and he was 19

      Tristan WhittingtonTristan Whittington9 dager siden
  • Sad thing is I felt like something was wrong before the keem video:(

    WizWiz10 dager siden
  • im gay

    h20_liquidh20_liquid10 dager siden
    • notown.info/two/video/rZmxbK2HapVxktE.html

      Some GuySome GuyDag siden
    • @h20_liquid why. Thats kinda mean

      Omar GonzalezOmar Gonzalez7 dager siden
    • @Omar Gonzalez stfu

      h20_liquidh20_liquid7 dager siden
    • Amongus

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • Same

      AnR0 _AnR0 _8 dager siden
  • "and I'm never getting invited back" Oh how right he was.

    Morris MinorMorris Minor11 dager siden
  • I hope Carson comes back.

    Green CatGreen Cat11 dager siden
    • @Breloum She was one month from turning 18, she even approached him. She wasn’t “groomed”, she knew exactly what she was doing. A switch doesn’t just flip the second you turn 18.

      maybe its madimaybe its madi8 dager siden
    • @Breloum i dont get it

      PropartyXPropartyX8 dager siden
    • @Breloum ????

      T ortillaT ortilla8 dager siden
    • He was a good NOtownr, I miss him

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • @Breloum what?

      Green CatGreen Cat8 dager siden
  • i cannot believe that carsons last vid is amongla sus. im seething

    Cringle PringleCringle Pringle11 dager siden
  • carot y are u sus now??.

    JeffreyjeffensonJeffreyjeffenson11 dager siden
    • amogus iun real life !

      TtikkiGHTtikkiGH11 dager siden
  • I’m actually scared for his mental health over that thing. I mean it definitely wasn’t the a good thing to do but for what it cause him. *it just wasn’t right* and after the katerino thing I hope later in his life he can find peace. One bad thing shouldn’t overshadow all the good things he’s done all the times maybe people who weren’t having the best day were lifted up by Carson’s humor. I hope he does comeback to keep making us content but if he dosent I want him to know that I may not be the longest fan but I’m here to stick with you

    Sir ChoochSir Chooch11 dager siden
  • It’s sad thinking it could be his last video

    Finn flipzFinn flipz11 dager siden
  • I’ll point it out for u. his hair.

    querrliquerrli11 dager siden
  • im not defending carson's abuse of power but the fact that all these youtubers (some of which have abused their power multiple times) dogpiled on this dude to the point that they ruined his career just tells me that there's still shit to hide in this area of twitch. you couldn't make it any more obvious that some are projecting

    Justin McCownJustin McCown12 dager siden
  • It’s mad to see all the normal comments

    FxG LoganFxG Logan12 dager siden
  • U guys should lighten up on carson what he did rlly wasn't that bad

    R_yinR_yin12 dager siden
    • @Lizard Bro there was no proof of CP that was just allegations which never got proved

      BaconBacon7 dager siden
    • Yea but he has CP so it’s still illegal no matter how old you are

      Lizard BroLizard Bro9 dager siden
    • Depends on where you live.

      Rogue BananaRogue Banana11 dager siden
  • “They called him Carson” Carson... for real though, we want you back. We know you feel so guilty to the point where you hide yourself and I know it’s no joke, but please just don’t quit the internet for good. We love your content and we just want you to come with an apology and an official return. Come back please Carson... come back when you are ready

    Mike MEMEMike MEME12 dager siden
  • The moral of the story is.... Don’t use twitter

    WindmildWindmild12 dager siden
    • Twitter is shit

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • deleted twitter.

      TheS4ltyOneTheS4ltyOne12 dager siden
  • Too bad the internet decided to banish him before the fun new map came along

    MemedudeMemedude12 dager siden
  • I miss him

    Ya_boy_bob 1Ya_boy_bob 113 dager siden
  • "..and so he left, with everything but his humanity. "

    CinimodV2CinimodV213 dager siden
  • Anyone here after the news of carson death

    XerolightXerolight13 dager siden
    • @Xerolight That’s peak laziness when you’re one week later and I have to respect you for it

      soapsoap13 dager siden
    • @soap I'm not baiting i was suppose to do it on April 1st but i was busy

      XerolightXerolight13 dager siden
    • @a bowl of beans I’m not falling for your bait dude

      soapsoap13 dager siden
    • @soap i have it on video tho

      a bowl of beansa bowl of beans13 dager siden
    • I found 2 baiters at once, wow!

      soapsoap13 dager siden
  • god i wish i was that seventeen y/o girl

    ً ًً ً13 dager siden
    • Wha- I- Wtf *Amongus*

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • This is the worst comment of 2021 i seen

      XerolightXerolight13 dager siden
    • *MonkaS*

      TheSpyTheSpy13 dager siden
  • Why Carson

    BacteriophageAestheticBacteriophageAesthetic14 dager siden
  • please come back to youtube

    CART0NCART0N14 dager siden
  • Carson sus

    SansTim DxDSansTim DxD14 dager siden
  • 4:07 Personal timestamp.

    random bfb vids and animationsrandom bfb vids and animations14 dager siden
  • #justiceforcarson

    Sotiris AntonopoulosSotiris Antonopoulos14 dager siden
  • figures callmecarsons last video would be amogus

    Banzai SkeletonBanzai Skeleton15 dager siden
  • Can’t believe it’s been nearly been 4 months now, Carson probably isn’t coming back, but I wonder where he is now. I know he did some bad shit, but he did have a history of poor mental health so I at least hope he doesn’t do something drastic in the future.

    Finn BazzFinn Bazz15 dager siden
  • carson "taking out the trash" the internet "taking out the trash"

    marge simpsonmarge simpson15 dager siden
  • Turns out that famous people weren't the only people to get terrorized. 😬

    Onur OsmanOnur Osman15 dager siden
  • I dont hate him i still watch him with disappointment.

    Serenity BruhSerenity Bruh15 dager siden
  • I wish he never did those things....

    SquicxSquicx15 dager siden
    • What did he do?

      DivvirDivvir13 dager siden
  • carson.

    WowisawowWowisawow15 dager siden
    • What

      bad usernamebad username7 dager siden
    • Carson.

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • what

      CallMeCarson ًCallMeCarson ً13 dager siden
  • God I miss him

    BLITZ KRIEGBLITZ KRIEG15 dager siden

    Seggswithmac&cheeseSeggswithmac&cheese16 dager siden
  • Please come back, if anything other than to just make sure your last video isn’t fucking Amogus.

    Obama, Lord of the CornObama, Lord of the Corn16 dager siden
  • Is this really how it ends?

    SpillowSpillow16 dager siden
    • @Weirdo Brotato no No No No No

      o-oo-o8 dager siden
    • anongus

      Weirdo BrotatoWeirdo Brotato13 dager siden
  • what is up with his hair lmao

    retard maneretard mane16 dager siden
  • come back carson!

    S1NSKULLS1NSKULL16 dager siden
    • @Send Milk ludwig said carson talked to him chill dude

      BitBotBitBot7 dager siden
    • @Send Milk chill, hes not taking his own life

      Frederik HøjbergFrederik Højberg14 dager siden
    • He wont. Probably never. He honestly probably killed himself cuz of the hate he got. No one cared about his mental health he was clearly sick. He needs proper help

      Send MilkSend Milk15 dager siden
    • lol

      WildWild16 dager siden
  • Since there aren't many comment saying if Carson is fine, his steam profile recently changed and some friends have stated that he is fine and staying with his parents for the time being. They also stated that he is working on a response and he's just waiting for the right time to come back. No he didn't kill himself.

    SarflodonyxSarflodonyx16 dager siden
    • Bro if this is real you just made my fucking YEAR

      Vincent GalanteVincent Galante18 timer siden
    • Omg ty- I was so worried that he did something bad to himself after all the hatred that was send towards him, it's for the best that he'll do a response video when he's stable, those things can ruin his career that he build for so long.. I hope he got a good response or he's at least honest in it

      ghostilghostil15 dager siden
    • that's good. i feel like if he improves on himself enough and sincerely apologizes, there's a chance he can come back. it's good that he's waiting for the right time.

      BlooksBlooks16 dager siden
  • People really make it seem like call me Carson is a predator it was such a small age different it’s not like she was f.ing 9

    bboz 25253bboz 2525317 dager siden
  • i miss you cason :( come bakc soon pekase

    Christian OsborneChristian Osborne17 dager siden
  • I wanna see Carson again...

    BoonJimBoonJim17 dager siden
    • Me too

      DaviDavi17 dager siden
  • you were once a funny, charming, and chill dude im sorry that you are no longer that person

    DriftwatDriftwat17 dager siden
    • @Zodazzle bruh the fan thing doesn't make sense, she was old enough to know better, she could stop it anytime, she didn't. I was 15 and met my bf online who was 18 and in my country it's totally normal, when he started to get weird and do things I didn't like I just broke up with him easy as fuck.

      MikureroMikurero9 dager siden
    • @Zodazzle i agree on that with you

      Kriss123boysKriss123boys15 dager siden
    • @Kriss123boys There's a difference between hitting on a random stranger in person, and sending weird DMs to a fan that you haven't even met in person. I wouldn't even say that I have a harsher stance on this situation than most, but I can confidently say that it is weird af.

      ZodazzleZodazzle15 dager siden
    • @Zodazzle abuse of power: Yes, its disgusting, hitting on someone 2 years younger than you? Acceptable by the majority. People really miss carsons content because it was so unique, funny and entertaining. I myself cant forget the times i was rolling on the floor grasping for air from laughter from his videos, and its heartbreaking knowing it will eighter never come back or come back but in a very far future.

      Kriss123boysKriss123boys15 dager siden
    • @LeviK Why do people keep using this as an excuse? It was still a weird and creepy abuse of power, the whole idea of asking for nudes from a fan is just gross.

      ZodazzleZodazzle15 dager siden
  • Guess this guy is the kiddie diddler now ey

    Thanos PandaThanos Panda17 dager siden
    • @Thanos Panda It wasnt illegal, they didnt have sex. They dated for less than a month over the internet. And when he did say something on his twitter everyone shunned him and told him to kill himself.

      DivvirDivvir12 dager siden
    • @Divvir just a way of simplifying it. He still did what he did and it was illegal. Maybe had he have said something he wouldn’t have been shunned.

      Thanos PandaThanos Panda13 dager siden
    • She was 17, he was 19.

      DivvirDivvir13 dager siden