"Why don't you upload more?"

4. okt.. 2020
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Answered some FAQ
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"Why don't you upload more?"

  • *I think we all know the real answer to these questions*

    Game Hero87Game Hero8719 dager siden
  • yeah why doesn't he upload more

    LeSirLuis ProductionsLeSirLuis ProductionsMåned siden
  • 7:09 sure about that carson

    Rowan Makes MEMESRowan Makes MEMESMåned siden
  • I wish you uploaded at all

    DibgoDibgoMåned siden
  • If there's a lesson to learn here, dont trust anyone with a secret

    TorfteTorfteMåned siden
  • this breaks my heart, ily.

    Lauren CarolanLauren CarolanMåned siden
  • Now we know. Wait!

    Erika RasmussenErika Rasmussen2 måneder siden
  • God dammit, this guy was someone else...

    Mr. BruhMr. Bruh2 måneder siden
  • so instead of lunch club ending near the beginning of the year, you guys were still unsure of it's demise in October?

    leighleigh3 måneder siden
  • Fuck me, I actually liked this guy

    Thumb LadsThumb Lads3 måneder siden
  • nonce

    HenryHenry3 måneder siden
  • Well......................

    Schmoxy the SnobSchmoxy the Snob3 måneder siden
    • Yeah..... fuck......

      GambaneseGambanese3 måneder siden
  • 7:56 did not age well

    Hunter LyonsHunter Lyons3 måneder siden
    • Bro they literally kept it a secret from him for several months and he was just chilling. Must've been a big bombshell for him to dip in

      TheAnizenYTTheAnizenYTMåned siden
    • @Gambanese yall need to stop overreacting, he spoke to a 17 year old (legal where he lives) and he was 19, was also being lead on and the girl sent nudes first, stop shitting on him

      unknown teaunknown tea3 måneder siden
    • Yeah literally why I came back to watch this video. Always sucks when something like this happens because I'm really never sure how to feel. When it happened with Jontron I thought I could just separate him from his work, but eventually it just sort of got to me and I had to stop watching him. THIS, what Carson did, is already way worse... so.. yeah... shit sucks.

      GambaneseGambanese3 måneder siden
  • Now we know the real reason lunch club is over

    Some GuySome Guy3 måneder siden
  • I feel bad for carson because he takes on so many projects and ideas that he can't really focus on one without letting the others fall a little, meaning in the end it is just really hard to maintain anything unless you have infinite time, which most people don't

    Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o3 måneder siden
  • Just because he is down to earth shouldn't mean people should treat him like they know him. He is just here for entertainment

    Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o3 måneder siden
    • @Cheesy movies Wow my comment aged like milk. I guess I was just watching schlatt's video and I thought this would be a good place for the comment. but YIKES

      Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o3 måneder siden
    • 🥶

      Cheesy moviesCheesy movies3 måneder siden
  • The way you feel a lot more human than many other youtubers, just by talking openly about yourself and your anxiety, this is one of the good traits of why you are where you are now, you are kind of big on youtube now and we're proud and will not leave so soon no matter how "boring" your vids are (like if you dont talk or play BOTW) trust me you guys are doing great, especially for us young adults, btw i'm 22 and i'm baffled that you guys made it and are younger than me. POGCHAMP bois

    Noobit gamingNoobit gaming3 måneder siden
    • @VoxelizedEgg me too bro, me too

      Noobit gamingNoobit gaming3 måneder siden
    • this makes me sad now

      VoxelizedEggVoxelizedEgg3 måneder siden
  • Carson is the type of dude you’d wanna have a beer with and just let him talk and be himself. Perhaps I feel a bond since I’m the same age as Carson and share the same humor, but he really does seem extremely chill.

    GhostyGhosty3 måneder siden
  • Yo I'll edit for you hmu

    PloStreamsPloStreams4 måneder siden
  • We love you carson, if you need a break, take a break. You won’t become irrelevant, your content is too good for that.

    Marten WalleMarten Walle4 måneder siden
    • @Jablancc uh oh

      Marten WalleMarten Walle3 måneder siden
    • uh oh

      JablanccJablancc3 måneder siden
  • I watch him cause my name is carson too and hes funny

    Carson TseCarson Tse4 måneder siden
  • Hi carson

    LoafingLoafing4 måneder siden
  • Tuuu

    Wyatt BaconWyatt Bacon4 måneder siden
  • because he cares more about every channel besides his main one

    -Attack of the youtube Overlords--Attack of the youtube Overlords-4 måneder siden
  • I have question will ever make a shit post channel

    Lance CraftLance Craft4 måneder siden
  • Yup

    idk the sequelidk the sequel4 måneder siden
  • you know im so very sorry for this (all of the mental shit) but what happened to you has helped me be more ok with what ever a youtube needs from a brake to changing up there own content entirely and this is basically just night owls comment but thanks and get as good as you can however long it takes you and keep doing it

    pogsteppogstep4 måneder siden
  • I don't think people understand how long it takes to edit a video. I recently had an idea for a video and i started working on it i was two hours in and got about less than two minutes into the video and i haven't gotten back since lmao. Also, i don't know which antidepressant he's on but yeah it can tend to make you feel just "neutral", so the energy never really reaches too high or too low. Zoloft especially does this. It's not a bad thing at all though, helps you stay chill. hope you're doing alright carson, this stuff can get stressful.

    SkupliaSkuplia4 måneder siden
  • I feel like I’m the only one who saw cark

    RageyRagey4 måneder siden
  • I think I would call your sense of humor post-cringe

    CaramelldansonCaramelldanson5 måneder siden
  • You know carson just has a good personality who cares what others think, wholesome meme time?

    Nathan MeadeNathan Meade5 måneder siden
  • the white board is pointing the wrong way stupid

    Dr NoclipDr Noclip5 måneder siden
  • Video ideas Yoga classes live on stream Workout series with Schlatt but you wear 80s typical workout dvd clothes Drawing characters with friends and voicing them Eye tracking videos Super smash bros but each time you lose you have to put on an extra pair of sunglasses so u play until you go blind with darkness World Cup soccer/football IRL with friends charity match Dodgeball with friends Snowball fight with friends but you take the building a snow fort part serious and have big snow walls and bases Who can learn to Ollie first You and friends buying and making ur skateboards (before the one before this) Just in case you like these ideas

    Darkslivery -_-Darkslivery -_-5 måneder siden
  • People should def realize that carson isn't just an entertainment machine; he's just a dude and he has stuff in his life that happens and he doesn't have to tell his fanbase about it. Its his personal life, so let it be personal.

    Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o5 måneder siden
  • Hey Carson! Have you considered a modded Minecraft series? I think something like that will be fun for you and your friends to try.

    MaxTechwellMaxTechwell5 måneder siden
    • notown.info/two/video/p52Nh4iHeMiPuqc.html ^^^

      cave mancave man5 måneder siden
  • How are you doing there, Carson?

    donosvan :Ddonosvan :D5 måneder siden
  • OMG carson face reveal!>>!>!!>!

    jai sweettjai sweett5 måneder siden
  • hi callmecarson

    Andrew KlineAndrew Kline5 måneder siden
  • Carson will stop making content soon. Im calling it now. I feel like he will still stream on the alt but no more than that.

    H ScottH Scott5 måneder siden
  • Damn it's carson?

    TostperTostper5 måneder siden
  • but i love the zelda streams i always watch the vods

    Ice CreamIce Cream5 måneder siden
    • yeah those were some of my favorites

      cave mancave man5 måneder siden
  • Thanks man

    SealnsaSealnsa5 måneder siden
  • you should totally do an rlcraft series

    hh5 måneder siden
  • and hope

    Christin FinnyChristin Finny5 måneder siden
  • 13:45 that was the perfect response

    Sandi BužimkićSandi Bužimkić5 måneder siden
  • hope you're doin' alright dude. i personally don't get being overwhelmed by the support but i do get being overwhelmed by being recognized a bunch as an introvert, that'd be weird. honestly i kinda wish i could be a cool streamer dude. also i kinda wanna see the call me crossover that'd be cool

    BidoofBidoof5 måneder siden
  • Why does this video feel oddly passive aggressive

    mrwaffle4321mrwaffle43215 måneder siden
  • Carson, just wanted to say that the "tv show character" line you made halfway through the video really resonated with me and helped me to understand why some people be so fucking crazy. I used to have that sort of mindset, but if you keep hammering that point that you're a real person and NOT a fictional TV show character that will really help the younger audience members out there understand the situation a little bit better. They're young and still learning so it's important to frame things in ways they can understand. I think you did an excellent job with that. Keep it up!!

    MutantmanMutantman5 måneder siden
  • Carson you are an amazing person. While I'm sad to see that Lunch Club is over, I wanna thank you for being one of my favorite NOtownrs. You've always made me laugh and I always get so much entertainment out of your video's. I know you feel like you're becoming irrelevant, but you're not. I will always have a huge part of me that loves you and the rest of Lunch Club. Maybe one day the whole gang will be together again. Until then, just know that a lot of us still love your content. I hope that you feel better too dude.

    MorganGaming64MorganGaming645 måneder siden
  • Shart

    Chr1stownChr1stown5 måneder siden
  • Wait I thought smp live season 2 was coming Feb 2021

    mr nobodymr nobody5 måneder siden
    • it was a joke

      cave mancave man5 måneder siden
  • Carson sounds like an adult and its scary/surreal very interesting and great to know these things tho

    Noland NordbergNoland Nordberg5 måneder siden
  • A small percentage of subscribers aren’t subscribed

  • Carman

    sockssocks5 måneder siden
  • I am a penguin

    FrogFrog6 måneder siden
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese6 måneder siden
  • Cyan: I saw lime kill Red and vent, and since I scanned you know I’m clear. Lime: 9:56 *Cyan was not An Imposter...*

    Ryan EvanderRyan Evander6 måneder siden
  • isn't being famous based on how many followers you have not on how skilled or smart etc. you are?

    akiaki6 måneder siden
  • i take anti-depressants too and i have a small amount of energy, purely because anti-depressants make you more sleepy. so that might be the reason for your lack of energy

    finnchepfinnchep6 måneder siden
  • He does, its just only fall guys and among us.

    nekomancernekomancer6 måneder siden
  • Most semi awkward moment 14:16

    HAWK - MOONHAWK - MOON6 måneder siden
  • Look I know this video is 2 weeks old. But I’m really sad to see Lunch club go. It was one of my favourite channels and I had a lot a laughs but if your happy with it and don’t want to continue it I respect your decision

    MattMatt6 måneder siden
  • Yes. Having 5 million subscribers across three channels, 1 million Twitter followers, 1 million Instagram followers, 1 million Twitch followers is totally not being famous at all.

    Pascal WittwerPascal Wittwer6 måneder siden
  • Where does he play game in the video

    isha boyisha boy6 måneder siden
  • Yell-At-Wall Gang

    The Random ShowThe Random Show6 måneder siden
  • You made me come back to Minecraft

    Twisted MeatloafTwisted Meatloaf6 måneder siden
  • Woo ga

    pancake.pancake.6 måneder siden
  • is it just me or does anyone else want to see carson on Hots Ones?

    That Human Who Goes To BathroomThat Human Who Goes To Bathroom6 måneder siden
  • Wow! Such an awesome guy 😃👍

    • Sanoth •• Sanoth •6 måneder siden
  • Damn Carson seems like such a sweet guy. Love the content man ❤️

    PaddoPaddo6 måneder siden
  • hey carson! im a big fan and love ur stuff, whatever it may be! i completely get not having energy for a lot of "normal" day to day activities. i have depression and anxiety amongst many other "problems". but those of us that appreciate what you do stand by you and just want you to be happy and healthy!

    avdr3yavdr3y6 måneder siden
  • 4:05 new meme template?

    Daniela.mp0Daniela.mp06 måneder siden
  • i follow your alt and i always said "why do you sound like carson?" and then your mod said he dosnt and now i know the truth XD

    Dylan GarrityDylan Garrity6 måneder siden
  • You've gotta play dreams PS4 man. I'd love to see you play games made for you.

    William LohmanWilliam Lohman6 måneder siden
  • i love you you're great

    mel michalicmel michalic6 måneder siden
  • minecraft116789 is the best name EVER

    DetectiveDotDetectiveDot6 måneder siden
  • He looks kinda of like a young conan o’brien

  • 9:55 same

    jormjorm6 måneder siden
  • *whispering* hey play on the dream smp

    Elwood ReadzElwood Readz6 måneder siden
  • You can tell he's stressed as hell when you look at the wrinkles on his forehead.

    pyruhhpyruhh6 måneder siden
  • You can stream as much as you want carson we already don't have high expectations for you(this was a joke I shouldn't have to say that)

    IqnelyIqnely6 måneder siden
  • HEY!!! HEy you listen here hear her you listen Do what makes you money and happy...or just happy if that’s fine with you

    I am Dumb tardI am Dumb tard6 måneder siden
  • The whole knowing youtubers thing is really widespread, it's okay to say hi, but leave it at that. "Hey carson! Take it easy!" The whole 'can I get your autograph' or whatever, it's stupid. Just a hey. All you need really. They're people too

    Trojan_OtterTrojan_Otter6 måneder siden
  • You should play with jaiden again you two had something going there... just a suggestion

    Duncan JohnsonDuncan Johnson6 måneder siden
  • We as fans forget that Carson and other NOtownrs are actual people with human levels of mental strength. So Carson we are sorry.

    Buckettb BurkettBuckettb Burkett6 måneder siden
  • He actually uploads alot

    Benji 123Benji 1236 måneder siden
  • honestly sad that lunch club is over, not because of the videos (of course thats sad, i loved the doctor one) but i LOVED the podcasts gonna miss em

    LauseLause6 måneder siden
    • agreed

      cave mancave man5 måneder siden
  • dude i was making a video, (and am making part 2) where the last thing i had to do was add subtitles and it took hours on a 12 min vid

    LauseLause6 måneder siden
  • leg

    DiamondSquidJoeDiamondSquidJoe6 måneder siden
  • yo i love this guy!

    Kaitlin NicoleKaitlin Nicole6 måneder siden
  • Hello

    Lex ColonLex Colon6 måneder siden
  • Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Really tho Carson ur epic and I love ur content no matter what. 😌

    QQAlexQQAlex6 måneder siden
  • Dude thanks for the honest Q&A, found a lot of this really encouraging

    Basically HomelessBasically Homeless6 måneder siden
    • Wtf

      M1NHM1NH4 måneder siden
    • Love your videos man!

      - Rezin -- Rezin -4 måneder siden
    • uploaf

      Blank APBlank AP5 måneder siden
    • I was about to comment on this video saying, “Uploaf”. Glad you’re here to see it. Uploaf

      Vocondus •Vocondus •5 måneder siden
    • Hey!! Can we play fortnite???

      OnSecOnSec5 måneder siden
  • Sunny DSunny D6 måneder siden
  • you are not becoming irrelevant you are one of the og's of this time stay strong

    Ben OvenhouseBen Ovenhouse6 måneder siden
  • 7:55...it can't be D:

    Ben OvenhouseBen Ovenhouse6 måneder siden
  • I’m about to get twitch just to watch his chill channel.

    MoistCrocsMoistCrocs6 måneder siden
  • r u and dream cool?

    Shiv A JoshiShiv A Joshi6 måneder siden
  • Wait breath of the wild. I would love to see that!!! But of course do what you need to do! Don’t overwork yourself!

    Katie LynnKatie Lynn6 måneder siden
  • 5:30 Hold up hold up hold up what?!?!!?

    Mr.Assman. AsslandMr.Assman. Assland6 måneder siden